[H] <Live Evil> Recruiting

<Live Evil> is currently seeking Raiders looking for Heroic content. We are a laid back, 2 night a week guild for the time being, until we get our roster filled out. If interest is there, we may go to 3 nights.

Roles we are looking for as of now: Heals, melee and ranged DPS.

Anyone is welcome to join and have fun with a easy going group of folks.

Currently raid times are set up as follows: Tuesday and Friday night, 7-10:30PM, EST.

You can msg Crediz in game, or any Officer for further information.

Currently in need of healers and dps for heroic progression!

Current raid days are:
Tues (7-10)
Wed (830-10)
Friday (7-10)

Officers are azlyn, any char with the name grave, crediz and myself. Great group of peeps that gets stuff done while being totally laid back.
We are 2/8 heroic & very close to getting Fetid.
Still looking for a few dps & healers for our core group. :)
5/8 Heroic.

Still in need of a few more healers that can make our raid times. :)
Update 7/8 heroic will be working on ghuun this week. Still in need of a couple healers and a couple dps.

Hit up myself, azlyn, shmira, skylina, soulmelter, shayalinae, grave<insert rest of name here> or crediz if you are interested.

We are laid back love having fun but also love getting stuff dead.

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