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08/07/2018 12:06 PMPosted by Damackabe
I'd really like to see them do something about SJW's and their whining

On that note, it'd be great if we could get rid of the term 'SJW' being abused.

just kidding....I think less words should be censored.

But am also kind of tired of seeing people being accused of being an 'sjw'
08/07/2018 11:58 AMPosted by Cannibal
"Retard" needs to be censored.

  • Google defines it as an informal, offensive term for a mentally handicapped person, often used as a general term of abuse.
  • Merriam Webster defines it as an offensive term for a person affected with a mental disability.
  • defines it as a disparaging and offensive term for a cognitively impaired person.
  • Wiktionary defines it as an offensive, vulgar and dated term for a person with a mental disability or a person slow to learn.
  • -

    If this isn't the right place, please let me know if there's an active email address for the forum team that I can use. Thanks.
    My serious question is, why do you need Blizzard to censor this word? We already censor words that are considered "gravely" offensive. At what point do we say we have gone to far? The English language is constantly evolving. If you censor one offensive word, another will simply take its place. The only difference is the offense of the word will be considered lesser based on the fact that it is not widely considered "gravely" offensive.

    You're trying to stop a waterfall with a cup, get tougher skin.

    If you are going to try to use the various definitions of the word I would suggest using the FULL definitions, not your summarized opinion of them.
    08/07/2018 12:28 PMPosted by Annaillusion
    08/07/2018 12:24 PMPosted by Snowfox
    Alright, if we're being like that, then we also need to ban:
    * Toxic
    * White-Knight
    * Forced
    * Idiot, dumb, fool
    * Brown-noser, kissup

    Oh screw it, let's just make it where if anyone ever gets offended by any word, they just register that word as bad and anyone ever saying it gets instantly banned.

    Alternatively we could just tell everyone to grow a thicker skin and unban everyword. Including racial slurs.

    Nah, we should definitely go the route of holding ourselves hostage to the easily offended.
    08/07/2018 12:24 PMPosted by Cannibal
    08/07/2018 12:22 PMPosted by Timewarp
    The word cannibal offends me, yet here you are running around with that name. Should we censor you too?
    Feel free to report me if you're offended. I'm sorry cannibalism has caused you distress in your life. I know it's a considerably more prevalent issue than the r-word.

    Why would i report you. I may not like like what you do or say but i will defend you to the death for your right to say or do it.
    08/07/2018 12:05 PMPosted by Cannibal
    08/07/2018 12:00 PMPosted by Tiffin
    If you click on the down arrow of the users post you can report the post. Or if you would never like to hear from them again choose "Ignore User".
    Thank you for the suggestion, I have and will continue to do so.

    08/07/2018 12:01 PMPosted by Lathander
    Retard is a multi meaning word. Banning it because on form of it is offensive is silly.
    The only non-derogatory definition for retard is to delay or hold back in terms of progress, development or accomplishment. Words available for substitute include delay, slow down, decelerate, postpone, set back, hold up, detain, hinder, hamper, obstruct, inhibit, impede, restrain, restrict, trammel, among others.

    Language evolves with culture. Words can change meaning as generations and time progresses. Retard has taken on a new meaning, one in which it's rarely used in its original sense, and more often than not used in a derogatory manner.

    The word needs to be censored.

    every one should have to post in pig latin. That would help the forums.
    Is this a troll? Or are people actually that hurt by words? No one cares man, honestly. Report it and move along if youre that bothered by it, I for one frequent the word and would prefer to be able to continue using it, and taking that away offends me.
    08/07/2018 12:28 PMPosted by Starlagosa
    08/07/2018 12:06 PMPosted by Damackabe
    I'd really like to see them do something about SJW's and their whining

    On that note, it'd be great if we could get rid of the term 'SJW' being abused.

    Do you have a better term for those people who try to make the entire world think and act like them? I guess wannabe fascist might work, but it's not precise enough for the particular type of thing we see here.

    Fundamentalist is also taken. Hm.
    08/07/2018 12:25 PMPosted by Lichdoll
    Most of the comments here are reasons why reprimand rather than banning of the word "retarded" are required. Those of you championing it to mean "delay" are being purposefully obtuse; that is not the sense a lot of forum posters/players in game use that word in.

    Both of my young nephews love to watch me play games, but I'll never be able to let them play most of them, including World of Warcraft, because one of them has Down Syndrome. He and his brother shouldn't have to be told to "toughen up" or have "thick skin" when they are being insulted over something out of their control. Most of the time the victims of the pejorative meaning of "retarded" don't really know what it means until they are older, but those of us around them do. Given how many people are defending it here, it's sad that so many players of World of Warcraft simply can't relax or enjoy the game unless they're allowed to insult and belittle others.

    I have severe PTSD from the Army, with anxiety, depression, the whole nine. Hell, I can't even sit with my back towards people without getting freaked out. It really sucks because I essentially live as a hermit. I had bouts with suicide, and frequently played competitive games where people would tell me to go kill myself and things of that nature.

    Plenty of people have given me crap for it. It's outside of my control. I didn't choose to live this way, but here I am. But I'm not running around screaming that other people make fun of my mental condition and aren't empathetic to it. Why would I expect them to be?

    They are literally just words. If I choose to get upset and offended, then I'm the one giving those words power. No one else.

    Also, why anyone would allow a child to play games on the internet and communicate with others is beyond me. My daughter, who is 8 loves WoW, and Roblox, but I turn chat completely off and don't allow her to add people as friends unless I add them myself. That's on you, not the game or the developers. The ESRB clearly states for all these games that online interactions aren't rated.
    08/07/2018 12:30 PMPosted by Timewarp
    Why would i report you. I may not like like what you do or say but i will defend you to the death for your right to say or do it.
    Okay. This is a non-issue then.
    08/07/2018 12:01 PMPosted by Lathander
    Retard is a multi meaning word. Banning it because on form of it is offensive is silly.

    When is the last time you've seen it used outside of someone using it offensively besides this thread?
    08/07/2018 12:00 PMPosted by Annaillusion
    I agree.


    and many other words misused in order to be a insult should be banned.
    blizzard can censor all of those words, but then we'd just make new words to use for insults, and the cycle repeats itself until we can't use the forums anymore because they've banned everything
    08/07/2018 12:04 PMPosted by Kaath
    Well considering all the leftest high tech media companies are going full on censorship.

    My job won't let me call other co-workers racial slurs. I, too, know the bitter sting of censorship. I am being oppressed.
    08/07/2018 12:02 PMPosted by Ghuldokk
    And then you risk censoring the word "Retard" in the french meaning for the french population on the french forums which means to be delayed.

    "il y a eu un retard" = there has been a delay

    Actually that’s the meaning in English as well, such as: mentally retarded, retarded heartbeat, retarded ingnition timing, fire retardant etc etc etc
    No. Once started, when does it stop? If you don't like someone's language, report it. If you don't like the user, ignore them. If the post does not contribute to the discussion, downvote it.

    Just because you are unable to deal with opposing dialogue does not mean you get to censor it. Grow up.
    Censorship leads avenues of discussion such as forums down a dangerous path I'd imagine. These forums need better moderation for when things get out of hand or name-calling ensues. Nothing productive comes out of that.

    Blatantly narrowing it down to the word Retard is very PC and annoying to me.

    It's a word used throughout decades and the last 10 years, all of a sudden people are getting way too sensitive to words.

    I don't advocate there being all-out war of words against each other but I do believe there needs to be some line drawn. Not for the words used but to keep threads on the more mature/productive side.

    The moderation/editing of forums and locking threads have been pretty good I think. The rest is up to your own discretion. Having Blizzard censor X, Y, Z word that you find hurtful will have them then censor more words,... where does it end?... I think for the most part they've given enough of a leash for people to have a discussion and a word thrown here or there.

    If you don't like how someone said something... report them and let Blizzard handle it. It's what that feature is for. This PC stuff is getting tiring for me.
    08/07/2018 12:04 PMPosted by Verla
    Examples of retard in a Sentence
    The chemical will retard the spread of fire.

    Then how did Darnassus burn with the amount know what I am not going there.
    08/07/2018 12:33 PMPosted by Kalthecgos
    No. Once started, when does it stop?

    It doesn't.

    If you give these people an inch, they'll demand a mile.

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