What is the state of heroic ABT?

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I've been having several discussions with my guild about the state of Heroic Antorus and the recent changes via patches. Things are slow pre-BfA but we'd still like to have some guild raids.

There seems to be two opinions on the recent patches:
  • Changes / Nerfs were to bring it back inline after the stat squish.
  • Heroic ABT has been nerfed, bring freshly boosted toons!
  • I've been checking out the forums, Wowhead, the Googles, etc - I can't find any official stance on if ABT difficulty has been reduced. I know in the past they have done this (5% increasing weekly buff in ICC) but is that what they are doing?

    Has anyone found something official on the state of ABT?

    What is a good minimum ilvl for ABT post-squish?
    ABT is tougher than it was at It’s release.

    They’ve been doing touch-ups and fixes to the biggest outliers but it’s still completely not worth the time.

    A flat 20% HP and damage done nerf to the entire instance would have been welcome like two weeks ago, even if it was just applied to heroic mode.

    Then you could have some fun and run some alts and look for a crazy titanforge.

    As it stands you’re better off doing keystones.
    Normal and heroic are easy, easier than they were prepatch. Mythic tho is harder.
    I've not had a single pug group that can kill anything beyond the first two bosses in heroic Antorus. It's miserable.
    Even in my mythic guild certain heroic bosses are much harder like Agg and Portal Keeper. Even High Command too.
    I've found High Command harder, but everything else easier (aside from dogs on the first week, which required 4 tanks).

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