Regrets and grievances

Draenor and Echo Isles
I have some regrets and grievances but it's not about the game itself, it's the fact I rolled on this realm. No offense to anyone in this realm (Draenor). I'm sure you guys are nice people. It's the fact I allowed my self to trust a relative who was asking me to come join him to play in WoW, and I said yeah. but the person was kind of late in giving information which realm and other info to add them in game, if you want someone to play with you than give your battletag or at least in game name. He gave me the realm name but no ign or battletag. I feel like I got bamboozled / pranked. I guess the jokes on me right? Invite someone over to your realm but have no way of communicating with them in game? I spent time leveling this Alt because I enjoy Dwarves and I enjoy the class. I do regret allowing myself to fall into the prank of being misled because I had some good hopes that the person has changed. but obviously I was wrong. At least I don't have prejudgement in someone in regards to think somebody made a mistake in past that they are going to repeat the same ol' garbage. I believe people change and mature but it's kind of crappy. I do enjoy WoW don't get me wrong. Just feel like this realm is dead.

TL;DR - Got tricked to roll on this realm by a relative, turns out to be a dead realm and relative ain't no where in sight.

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