[A]<Safety First> 2/8M -- 8/8H Recruiting!

<Safety First> is a guild comprised of many types of players. We have long time veterans and new players alike. Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment for everyone interested in enjoying everything the game has to offer.

Our raiding focus is to put heroic raids on farm, with the possibility of doing mythic. We'll also complete the Glory meta achievement each tier once the raid is on farm.

Wednesday 8PM – 10:30PM EST
Thursday 8PM – 10:30PM EST
Optional/Alt Sunday raid 7:30PM start time

We always accept casual players, but our current roster needs are located below. Even though we follow a relaxed philosophy to raiding, we expect all raiders to carry their own weight. If your class is not on the list below please feel free to still send me a message.

Tanks: Full
Healers: Full
RDPS: Balance Druid, Hunter, Elemental Shaman, Mage
MDPS: Rogue

To the top! Still looking, 6 days!
Looking for a few dps and some healers to join the crew! Shoot me a whisper or battle tag invite anytime.
To the top! Hope BFA is treating everyone well.
Need a heals or two! More dps always welcomed, if yah need a home let me know.
Looking for a healer or two still! Add me to real ID or whisper me in game.
To the top. Need another healer or two still, add me or whisper in game!
Hey just caught this and sent you a btag request - just moved IRL and haven't been able to see the new raid yet but i geared up in m0. 340 holy priest, willing to try disc, whatever works. Looking forward to hearing from you :)
Got one healer, still looking one more to round off our group.
Updated needs!
You got anymore of them healers out there?
332*ilvl HPaladin here. Send me a tell if you're interested. Scrazel#1866
Still looking for them healers. Give me a shout! 8/8N 3/8H
To the toppo!
Hi, i know you are full on melee, but your raid schedule is perfect for me.
Check me out if you ever need a good melee
Still looking for those healers! Toss me a btag invite let's chat.
Updated needs list, 5/8H on a 5 hour raid week! Sunday we knock out achievements among other things.
Going to the top! Got a few potential recruits!

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