How aggressive are you in Warmode? 1-10

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08/08/2018 05:29 PMPosted by Çryptø
By aggressive, I mean. How likely are you to attack someone while playing in warmode? Here is a scale to help out.
10. Attacking and dueling anyone on sight regardless of the situation.(This includes the same faction).
9. Its red its dead, but no dueling.
8. Its red its dead so long as I am not outnumbered.
7. Its red its dead so long as I am not outnumbered or outgeared.
6. Attacking very often, but I won't go out of my way for fights.
5. I fight here and there. Need to be in the right mood for it.
4. Not too aggressive. Occasionally fight, but focus on other stuff.
3. Will only fight players if I am cornered or its convenient.
2. I try to avoid fight most of the time with the very occasionally fight here and there and it has to be a very easy winnable fight.
1. I hate pvp. Only in warmode for the 10% bonus. If anyone tries to attack me I will flee or log onto another character till they are gone.

4 for me
i only really warmode on my surv hunter hes great on killing players if they are alone.
6 to 8 depending on how I feel that day.

War Mode is awesome.
I spent 8 years on Emerald Dream. I attack everything I see regardless of odds for myself or my victims.
I'd say I'm a 6. 7 on bad days at work. 9 if I had to deal with an exceptional idiot at work.
I'm like an an African Bullfrog with warmode on. I will attempt to eat anything that moves, even if I choke to death.
8-9 ish.. plan to keep it on the entire leveling process but just depends how much it slows me down..
08/08/2018 05:29 PMPosted by Çryptø
Only in warmode for the 10% bonus.

My void elf doesn't put up much of a fight. But I don't hate pvp. Just an inconvenience being ganked.
I’m just happy I don’t have to be flagged anymore. Rolled on a PvP server when I was young and naive and had no idea what ganking, camping or griefing were. Rolled some alts on PvE servers when I needed a break but wasn’t up for transferring all my chars to some random server. Wooooo carebear time!
0 - I don't use it.

During the start of BfA, I'll probably turn it on for the 10% bonus so 1 for that. Once I'm done leveling and raid ready... back to 0.
8. Its red its dead so long as I am not outnumbered. (I don't kill lowbies though).

I'm not very good at judging people's gear until they hit me.

So far, Horde has never outnumbered Alliance in Darkshore whenever I play. I've learned to spot Alliance raids coming at me pretty fast.
A difficult question.

When I first turned on Warmode, I'd have called myself a 2. I would not attack Horde players, and even help them during quests, and emote at them in a friendly manner. If a Horde is ganged up on and their death is inevitable, that's the only time I'll toss a Barrage their way just for the Honor.

Leveling using Invasions, however, has led me down a darker path. There's a squad of 3 players who I've run into at nearly every Invasion. 3 Horde, 110s, camping the Invasion WQs for hours. They'll drop down from the sky, chase and kill you, kill everyone else, kill all the mobs around so when you respawn you don't have a chance to get a quick 3% for the "Fight back against the Legion" quest. Then they'll mount up, head over to another quest area real quick, and do the same thing, before heading back to the first quest.

Multiple invasions, different days, these same 3 max lvl Horde camping lowbies for hours. I died 25 times in 2 hours trying to finish one quest. The hunter, I won't say his name of course, was particularly mean. He was the bulk of my deaths, I'd just be trying to get one demon kill in and he's pop all CDs, reveal me if I invis'd, sick everything on me as I'm trying to get away, just wanting to finish a quest that I've been trying to finish for over an hour. My respawn timer got up to 2 minutes. I'd be really careful, make sure I saw no Horde nearby, respawn, start attacking a demon, then he'd drop from the sky and kill me. I eventually wouldn't even try to get away. I'd just stand there and let him have his way with me.

It has turned me into a vengeful soul. I'm now a 7 on the "kill Horde" scale.
I don't go further than Goldshire warmode mode on
I am aggressive in how I never turn on Warmode:

Haven't turned it on once yet.
08/08/2018 05:30 PMPosted by Celenaria
0. I dont even turn it on.

Is there some extra bonus gained from dueling in war mode as opposed to just killing?

Pretty much this. If I do pvp, it'll be a random battleground and that's it.
-1 Will never turn it on.
9, I will kill all horde on sight, regardless if they are lowbies or not.
That being said, for lowbies I only kill once, I do not ever camp or intentionally grief. I am heavy into headcanon roleplay, so killing them once means they are gone for good for me. Max level characters do not actually die, they simply escape my clutches. *Which as a paladin with our terrible mobility makes perfect sense*
I should mention, I rank myself at only a 7 because I have a softness for Horde who are trying to finish a quest and there are 3-4 Alliance doing the same quest. If I start attacking them and they start running away, I'll let them escape with ~15% HP. Then I'll quest around them. That way, they know I could have killed them, but I didn't. Because there's still a part of my soul intact.
Been playing Warmode since it was added, I do an 8.
Really depends on the character I'm playing...

On my hunter I was having quite a bit of fun 1 shotting people in stealth.
At 255 ilvl, using Double Tap + Careful Aim, in one cast (while invisible under camo), I was hitting people for like 37-42k with crits.

Pretty busted but hella fun.

On my !@#$ty alts, depending on the zone/task I will turn off warmode all together =P

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