What can Blizzard do RIGHT NOW to make you happy?

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Player housing that's actually housing, not a garrison. I'm not asking to be able to do everything there like bank/AH/ect (that was the problem with garrisons...if you could get most of what you needed done, there was no reason to actually go out into the game world), I just want a nice little cottage I can hang decorations in >_>
Restore Master Looter, fix plot holes, release an Alliance cinematic, delete Thaelia or whatever her name is.

What? They can't do that?

Then I'm not happy.
WoW 2, built on completely new engines.
Send Ythisens to validate every childish rant I have on the forums. Basically just coddle the hell out of me.
All the players are clamoring and PLEADING for arctic fox mounts. Subs are down because we don't have them and this game is going to hemmorage subs until arctic fox mounts are implemented!

Don't call me biased.

I'm like, totally unbiased about this.
08/09/2018 01:06 PMPosted by Ruin
Serious question.

What can they actually DO to make people happy? What does the majority actually WANT from this game?

I personally want the sense of progression back. It's almost not even an RPG anymore. The meaning of the words role-playing game has been lost. Like what's the point in even leveling from 110 to 120? I don't even get any new skills. And mobs scale with me so... there's literally zero point. It's completely unrewarding.
Address the concerns of the community, openly communicate a laid out plan to rectify those issues. Acknowledge their mistakes made. Give me a deadline to have those concerns addressed.

If you want to talk about what concerns I want addressed we can, but there is a VERY long list from the player base if you go through all of the forums.
10 million gold
Give me the gold I've spent on everything that was removed / altered. Much like all the spells / ranks I bought years ago.

That's just a start.
08/09/2018 01:11 PMPosted by Hasuz
We are users and users never know what they want.

This guy develops.

Really though. The game is in a great spot right now; I love not knowing what comes next.
I am actually happy, in all honesty.

I started in WoD, near the end, so I'm probably not as jaded as some people lol.

That said, if there was one thing I could ask for, and it would actually get done right this instant?

Loremaster Tabard heirlooms for each expansion/region that grant a 100% EXP bonus when questing, killing monsters, or completing dungeons in that content. Obviously, if you would get 0 exp from those areas, 100% of 0 is still 0 lol.

Herbs/Ores/Archaeology are left out of this suggestion, because that would be a little too much since they currently benefit from Looms, Monk Buff, and RAF, which you can stack for a pretty insane gathering exp gain. Also, the Tabard is supposed to encourage you to participate in the content again, even if at a much faster pace.

You would have to have the Loremaster Achievement for the specific region in which you want the Tabard (So Wrath Loremaster for Northrend, Pandaria for MoP, etc etc). You would also need Exalted Guild Reputation and 1,200 Gold per Tabard.

The difficulty might be thinking up expansion-specific designs that would actually look good on the tabards, possibly lol.
Master Loot back to Mythic Raiding.

Fix that and I will be truly hyped for BFA.
08/09/2018 01:15 PMPosted by Corri
08/09/2018 01:11 PMPosted by Hasuz
We are users and users never know what they want.

This guy develops.

Users don't know what they want until you show them.

Then they know, but it's never what you showed them.
Zandalari Paladins. That would make me happy.
08/09/2018 01:15 PMPosted by Mvura
Send Ythisens to validate every childish rant I have on the forums. Basically just coddle the hell out of me.
I laughed really hard at this post.
BFA coming out one day early is enough for me just want to get started on the leveling already.
Revert group finder changes.

Have the plethora of warlock bugs fixed before launch, or at least by the Friday after Launch.

Actually Balance Classes.
Money is kinda tight for me now, so if they lowered their subscription price that would make me happier.
Give me a classic beta key and start the beta tomorrow.
08/09/2018 01:16 PMPosted by Gaslight
Zandalari Paladins. That would make me happy.
This as well bigtime sad face :(.
1. Take out pathfinder
2. Promise to never ever implement another pathfinder.
3. Agree to their public execution if they ever break that promise.
4. Revert the UI
5. Gimme back loot options.
6. Fix the broken guild roster stuff.
7. Put auto-invite back in.

ps. un-nerf disc priest & give ww monks back their instant self heal.

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