Do you think ppl will complain?

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I was wondering how many posts about the prepatch mount there will be once prepatch is done?

I'm expecting at least several threads complaining about missing getting the mounts.

Even though Blizzard has practically screamed that they are limited time rewards.
People will always complain about everything.
Do you know of any WoW forums where people talk about the game as if they actually liked it? I'd like to spend some time there.
Surprisingly few probably, i never see people complain about missing out on free leveling month in legion's prepatch.
Yes. If there's something that people CAN complain about, they will.

I also do this, but about specific things. The mount is not one of them.
Considering most people on here are like a bunch of bitter, negative old men, yeah, it's safe to assume people will complain about that.
08/10/2018 02:37 PMPosted by Illidonkey
People will always complain about everything.

LOL fair enough.

I kinda wanted to post this before the fact in preparation for the complaints even though Blizzard is posting on the launcher that the mounts are limited time rewards.
I don’t even have to read the thread.

I know all there is to know about the crying game
I've had my share of the crying game
First there are kisses
Then there are sighs
And then, before you know where you are
You're sayin' goodbye
Pretty safe bet

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