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I've been playing WoW since open beta in Vanilla though I drifted away around WoD. I used to be in <Seventh Cavalry> but most of my friends there moved on from WoW and I'm looking for a new guild home on Icecrown. I'm looking for a casual raid guild with mostly adults who, like me, have jobs, family, etc. BfA has me hooked again in both story and, so far at least, the sense of adventure and exploration. I'd like a new opportunity to make some friends who enjoy doing the same.
Hello there, welcome back to WoW!

I know that you're on Alliance, but if you're open to flying the Horde banner, our guild might be what you're looking for. We are a casual raiding guild with only 2 rules. 1: Have fun, and 2: Don't ruin other people's fun. We believe that since WoW is a game and often our escape from real-world adulting, it shouldn't feel like a second job. That means most of us are friends, and we welcome in people of all playstyles, from casual questers to performance-chasing raiders.

If you think that you might like to check us out, or have any questions, you can message me in-game. I'm usually online between 5 and 10 PM server time, and most of the day on weekends. :)
Check us out

Blades of Wrath, need a few more

Old school guild, just raiding casual 2 days a week

Hammer#1432 for more info
Sounds like <The Happy Wanderers> would be a good fir for you.

We are all adults with jobs and kids so we realize RL gets in the way of taking things way too seriously. We are currently raiding normal ulduir on Tuesdays nights. 9pm est. Doing islands ,dungeons and whatever else other days.

Can message me ingame tuddyrex#1479.
Kinemma - We'd LOVE to have you check us out.

We are mostly ALL grown ups with jobs AND kids. We understand the importance of balancing family, work and play time :). Some of the members have been around since BC when the guild formed.

We raid 2 days a week if that interests you but it's not required. We LOVE to help people gear up and experience new content in the game if that interests you.

I have a recruitment thread on this same forum that you can look at to see more info. . I've been playing this game on and off since Vanilla and am fairly new to this group and it's been the best experience in a wow guild I've ever had by far.


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