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I got kicked out of an Island Expedition for "being afk". I was fighting at the time and the only thing i could think of is the player didn't like that I went a different direction because i was fighting and killing along the way(not rushing to a certain point). When I got kicked I was mid-fight with the alliance npcs. I got no warning and no messages in chat to come to him or even a "What are doing?". I was immediately booted from group and got a 30 minute leaver debuff. This is ridiculous. #1 I did not do anything wrong and #2 why did I get a debuff? I did not leave on my own accord. At minimum, I should have gotten a pop-up asking if I was still there. Fix this somehow.
you got the debuff because d-bags back in Cataclysm would take the group hostage and force them to initiate a kick instead of leaving - to bypass the debuff.

I was there. It sucked.
this just happened to me and I had no clue what happened. kind of ridiculous to treat a scenario like the expeditions as if it were a 5 man group.
also anyone can arbitrarily decide to kick someone from an expeditions and cause the debuff?

I'm surprised there aren't more posts on this ... I'm fed up with it. People are idiots with it and will report for stupid things, like one time when I wasn't with the group since I had to fight along the way because I got stuck in combat and couldn't mount.

Islands aren't a dungeon, there's no set group with tank/healer or anything where you have to stay together and the format specifically allows splitting up and other things. To make things worse, a lot of the time one person will vote kick and the other person who needs to approve looks and sees 'kick player xxx for afk', see the player isn't around and hit accept even though the other player is probably just doing things not near him.

And don't even get me started on the part where people duo queue and decide they don't like someone ...
If people want to kick me for going off on my own and hunting rares, that's fine. But then they should also lose all the Azerite I farmed for them, and they shouldn't be able to get drops from the rares I killed.
The best thing you can do is stay with the group at all times. No, it doesn't save you, but if someone sees an initiation and then sees you're there, they're more inclined to decline. That being said, since you get no reason why you got removed, you have no idea if the reason was being afk. The other two may be prioritizing rares, and seeing you fighting Alliance as a waste. It could really be anything, unfortunately.

For these reasons I tend to grab at least one friend or pug, for protection purposes. I only kick if someone's being absolutely terrible, such as pulling the whole island and wiping, or insulting group members.
If you want to do rare hunting, start a group in LFG for it. I do it all the time and they fill nearly instantly. People are jerks, try to limit getting into groups with them.

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