Ability/Loot Lag on Oceanic Servers Despite Normal Latency

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Note: Originally posted at https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20767607585 - see that thread for additional reports from other players.

Hoping that Blizzard support can investigate this problem, as the delays during Australian peak times have been a significant issue since the BFA launch.

Some information to assist

- My experiences are when playing on the Khazgoroth server (Oceania).

- During peak times for Australia, which is driven largely by players from the Eastern states (i.e., Australian Eastern Standard Time), from around 7:00pm through to 11pm AEST there are delays of around 3-5 seconds when performing key in-game actions (e.g., abilities, looting, NPC interaction).

- During this time, latency to the server reported by the game (world/local) does not change, remaining at typical, optimal values (<50ms). This is not a problem marked by major fluctuations or spikes - the delays are generally consistent across the times in question.

- By the time 11pm AEST is reached, the in-game actions very quickly return to normal.

- Other players are discussing the lag, including in open chat. The impact on gameplay is severe, to the point where most activities are not viable during peak times at the moment.
I'm playing right now and there's still significant delay of 1-2 seconds at least, and I'm playing in "off-peak".

There's something really wrong with the servers or the sharding, and it's now going on 48 hours of continuous, server latency
I agree with Zavaz, I personally have been noticing this issue since approximate mid day yesterday, with others (in my guild and in general chat) noticing it even earlier. The problem was consistent in all BfA outdoor zones from that time until I finally gave up and went to bed at approximatly 11:30PM.

The game played reasonably well this morning until approximately 1PM (now 2.30PM) where this "lag" is making a return, getting worse as time goes on.

The symptoms are exactly as the OP describes them. The ingame latency display is normal (21/21 for me). However there is massive input lag with most actions in game, whether it is waiting several seconds to loot a corpse, pick up a quest item, sell trash to a vendor or use any abilities in combat.

I have tried to play with the "Reduce Input Lag" option both enabled and disabled, it appears to make no difference. The game is currently, largely unplayable and something needs to be done. It has been over 24 hours now since a lot of posts have begun to appear on these forums and there has yet to be a single response from Blizzard acknowledging the problem or advising us of a solution.
yeah on cael and getting this stupid slow response time again. home and world not changed and are sitting on their usual 30 each
Also on Khaz'goroth. Confirming since approximately midday yesterday, have had severe lag (and likewise in game latency is showing as normal).
I posted in another thread, but I've been noticing it Alliance side on Khaz'goroth. Around prime time 7-9 yesterday it was just unplayable. Dying when I had 20% hp, loot taking a good 3-5 seconds to open. It's already started up today and you can notice it a little, but not unplayable yet.

For me, it's not just prime time though. 2 nights ago, it was happening midnight onwards, though that might be because people were still pushing for 120, but to have 1-2 second server lag at 3am on the 2nd day seems a little weird since most people pulling 24 hour lvling sprees were 120. The issue also occurred last night every so often, you'd have 10 mins or so of bad lag, it'd go for 10, come back, etc etc.
Haven't really noticed this on Caelestrasz but I am playing at non peak times.
By god the servers are broken in half

Legit, now that it's peak it's actually unplayable on Barthilas - Oceanic

You cannot do anything as a DH, getting 3 second delay at least and looting is a nightmare. Everyone in general is experiencing it

Home and World = 40m/s

Just do something Blizzard, it's not getting better at all.
I'm not looking forward to the weekend. If it's bad now...
Why I think it's the server & not all our clients:

When it's happening, if I refresh BM hunter Frenzy (8s duration, stacks to 3) with less than a second remaining then I will frequently have the buff drop on my client... and then abruptly show back up properly refreshed half a second later

Option 1) If it was the client or client<->server communications lagging, I would expect the response to go through slowly & not reach the server in time to be properly refreshed, and so the buff would drop
Option 2) If it was the server processing responses slowly, I would expect the buff refresh to execute properly & for that information to be sent back to the client slowly, so the buff drops on the client end & then abruptly re-appears refreshed when the server's delayed response comes through

Because option 2 is what's happening, I don't think it's likely to be a client problem.
I'm inclined to give them a break, they probably have to deal with Telstra's offshore callcentre support, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy lol. Hopefully the issues get better soon, I'm on Cal and I've noticed some lag (home and world at 45/49 so clearly not representative) but it's not too bad feels like I'm playing on a US server, annoying but not lethal (unless you're flagged as pvp).
Now if I could figure out what's wrong with my smite spell and why it's the only spell that refreshes my action bar before I can cast again that would be great too.
Its weird that I'm lagging really bad despite having a low latency at 150-200ms. Usually when I lag this bad its 500+ ms. Are they hiding the real latency number or something?
Please fix Oce Servers.
Same problems Aman'Thul.

It was the same last night nearly unplayable, a few guild mates have already logged off just now its that bad.
Same here. Similar time. It is unplayable.
This is server issue it seems.
Same thing here (Nagrand/Cael)

My world and home ms are sitting at 27 which is the norm, so it's strange and annoying that this is happening.
Ive found it only happening to me on kul tiras zones. Home and world ms is 7 for me but minimum of 3 second delay. Attempted to start leveling my alliance toon and its unplayable

On Cael/Nagrand
Any danger of an update? holy !@#$ it's so bad rn
Was happening yesterday on Frostmourne OCE, just weird lag while questing during peak times, as well as the ah and gbanks being unusable due to lag and delays. Please fix!!!

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