Ability/Loot Lag on Oceanic Servers Despite Normal Latency

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11/12/2018 09:20 PMPosted by Drakuloth
11/12/2018 06:05 PMPosted by Aehl
I also want to know if this this thread is going to be wiped when the new forums get started, because this IS not going away and this thread should not be deleted.

We can't port entire threads over to the new system, but we will designate a new thread on the new forums post-move. You'll be able to identify it pretty quickly I'm sure but we'll have a descriptive title and point people to it once the new forums are up.

I get that this has been a major cause of frustration for months. Even our developers/we want this handled faster than it is being handled. The magnitude of the work needed is going to require a major patch to implement. I don't have an exact version number/date yet but if we get that info that will show up here once we have it. As many of you have assumed, this problem is with individual shards/the sharding system itself, as well as the way people are swapping to and from groups during high volume play times.

We're not just trying to keep you in the dark here. The progress has been slow. Everybody involved wants this moving faster. If I get more info on timetables/what's being done I'll let you know, but until then you all know as much as we do.

You saw "work needed" like this hasnt even started yet...
Some of our game we paid good money for and continue to pay good money for is broken and you now tell us work is needed!!!~
Remember when Blizzard used to give out free game time credit when there was long downtime or excessive server issues?

These days you just get nice PR spin blue post every other week as a reward for paying them for three months of a terrible sharding implementation and recent Equinix issues (which isn't Blizzard's fault, but they should be piling that pressure on them).

It's no wonder people are starting to see Blizzard in the same sort of light as EA.

"There's a major issue with our back end server technology. We'll fix it someday. We don't know when. We don't have a timetable. But it'll be in the future, we promise. In a major patch probably, but we don't know. We know we aren't handling this fast enough, and that's bad. No worries though, we'll keep taking your money. She'll be right."

Small Indie Developer Blizzard seems more realistic every passing day.
08/17/2018 07:39 AMPosted by Zuvykree

We are currently investigating this issue and need more information to narrow down the problem. When the issue is occurring please run a [url="https://battle.net/support/article/000027780?utm_source=internal-TechForum&utm_medium=posting&utm_campaign=BlizzardCS&utm_content=solution"]WinMTR [/url] to host IP: for 10 minutes. Post the results back here within code blocks </>. Other information we would like to know:

- Does this latency only occur in Battle for Azeroth zones or anywhere in game?
- When the latency is occurring what does your Home/World latency report. You can see this by placing your mouse over the red question mark next to your bags.

This information will help us greatly! Just make sure to collect it when the issue is at it's worst and during the time frame stated.

Thank you!

-For me it occurs everywhere, but mostly in areas with high population.
-My latency can range anywhere from 100-350. It's insane and makes the game piratically unplayable.

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