I'm just having a great time. What do you like about BFA?

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Not much.

I'm hating it, it's all the worst parts of legion, and none of the fun stuff we had before it.

Facebook missions.

Faux PvP modes our Blue's have lied through their teeth about.

Good old American Hatred for the story line.

Dead Zones.

Bugged Animations.

Gating, Gating, Gating.

AP will be far worse than Artifacts...

There's not much to like unless you came for the Disney Witches. =/

I'm glad everyone's loving it, but I'm not going to sit here and lie like the blues do.
It's looking to be my favorite expansion ever, legion almost matched wrath but BFA is just amazing so far.
Not much to enjoy.
Questing only took a few hours with little effort and no thinking.
Gear drops are completely illogical.
Normal are just full of trash to slow you down and bosses are run in the mill who never drop an anything useful.
The only difference between normal and heroics are ilvl.
Classes are boring. Nothing new from legion. Tanking is horrible. Healing is same o.
3 hour que times.
Ap and rep grinding is pure tedious. The rep is gated and purely in place to keep players occupied.
It is very obvious that this xpac was created in very very little time. It was definitely on a budget and most things are reskinned or reused from old content.
It is apparent that blizz has put wow on the side burner, it pays for wages but the real money maker is its other games.

The only thing they did right was the zones were good looking, and the music was nice. However, even then the zones did not shock or awe me, nor did the cut scenes. I felt like I was leveling just like any other of the many xpacs I've been live at.
Enjoying it. Haven’t seen enough to give a confident opinion, but the
Ieveling quest chains are fun. The Wayfair was an interesting storyline.

The dungeons that I’ve played seem challenging yet enjoyable.

The zones look great.

Only complaints are:

Zones are a little too dark. Hard to see things sometimes.
That horse 300 quest.

For the most part having a great time.
Wait til you run out of stuff to do, and are left with a wq gated rep grind. See how much you like it then.

Yeah the atmosphere, music, art is great. Too bad it was ruined by poor combat due to ability pruning, stat squishing, and another flawed artifact system. Also, while the storytelling is done well. The story itself has many issues, and the quest design itself is often very boring and involves mindlessly going to x, killing y mobs, picking up/interacting with z things, and then killing the big bad. There have been a few interesting quests which were genuinely fun, but they were rare.

Also, the minigames are really boring and slow. Matching with a slow, laggy interface, Eulerian path puzzles with slow turtles...At least the Kirin Tor minigames were kind of fun. These Tortolla ones are questionable, and appear to insult the player's intelligence. But that's just it...most of this game feels like an insult to the player's intelligence.
I love the Zandalari ghost spirit guy when you die. He made me actually laugh today one of the times I died. I love all the mini games. I love the immersion in the main story lines. They really are stories, just like reading a book. Blizz has gotten really good at that. On the whole finding the game very well wrought and compelling.
Druskvar. Am I spelling it right?

Doesn’t matter. It’s awesome. Literally everything about it is awesome.
I like it so far, more than I expected actually. Agreed the music and sound is top notch nearly everywhere in the new zones.
I have to be honest, prior to launch, I did not think I would enjoy this expansion at all.

I just finished Zandalar, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think it is one of the best zones in the game so far. Really enjoyed the storyline, the zone itself is stunning. I think it is laid out very well, pretty easy to get around to where you need to go.

I enjoyed Legion, but felt rushed all the time, so far, I dont feel rushed at all, taking my time and just enjoying it.
The game is a step above, it's excellent.

Last night I ran all around Boralas and explored that city, it's a Capital city on a whole different level. Blizzard has tremendously stepped up their game.
So far I'm enjoying it more than Legion, which is my least favorite x-pack to date. The questing is fun, the zones are less cramped, look and sound great.
I'm rather attached to the Stormsong magepriestmonks, myself. I'm currently working on the post-zone-quests quests for alliance, and the story is interesting. I like the dungeon rewards better for the horde-side dungeons than tentacle face over here, but there's been some nice green robes I can look into transmogging later.

Looks like the zones horde side are more colorful. It'll be neat levelling a horde character, though it looks like I've got plenty to do yet with the 7th legion over there anyway.

I'm having fun.
I like Abby Lewis but I think she was the one who murdered the village.
Leveling didn't feel like forever like BC, Cata, or WoD.
I'm enjoying myself tremendously. There is so much to see, sometimes I spend my gaming time just looking around. Both the start cities are amazing. So huge, they have several flight points within the cities!

I've always loved questing best, so I'm having a splendid time reading the quests and following the story. I liked training my direhorn baby. And dropping bird poop on pirates. It's awesome that not all the quests are kill this or that.

The art, music, and voice acting are all first class, as usual.

Sure, not everything is perfect, but I'm certain that there are people who like the things I don't like, just as there are people who think I'm crazy for liking the things I do. But that's what makes WoW such a great game to begin with--there's something for everyone.
Best thing: Rowboats!
Kul Tiras may be my favorite place in the game (speaking of the 3 zones as a whole).

It reminds me a lot of Pandaria, which I also loved, in terms of the attention to detail and sense of place.

Kul Tiras is on a similar level, but draws on the gothic fantasy, sea-faring themes, and sense of drama and foreboding that I particularly enjoy.

I'm still digesting some of the other aspects of the expansion. Like dungeons and azerite gear. We'll see how that plays out.
I enjoy it, I miss my haste on my two tanks REALLY bad though. 10 sec runes feel !@#$in bad.

The leveling is nice, it's not as grueling as legion.
I'm enjoying the story, the quests and (so far) the few dungeons I've seen.

I have filed a LOT of bug reports, and also a few suggestions. I'm probably averaging two bug reports an hour. I think that BFA was kinda rushed, and the polish isn't there.

Character design is about as good as Legion. Maybe a tiny bit worse. This is a very objective opinion. Subjectively, my Alliance main is a Retribution Paladin and my Horde main is a Survival Hunter, and I'm finding those specs merely "OK." And that's super unfortunate. I feel like they both need some major changes to make them feel good.

Overall, I think I'm fairly happy with BFA.
Almost everything has been great so far. I'm still amazed by the size and detail in Boralus.

My only criticisms so far are for really minor things (such as a lack of any books that you can click on and read).

This is probably going to be the greatest Expansion ever.

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