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I just joined this guild last night, and the GM was going to make me an officer so that I can recruit. However, he was unable to do so because the guild interface indicated that I do not have an authenticator. I have had an authenticator for years. I even checked my account and confirmed that my authenticator is attached.

So why is it showing in the guild tool that I do not have an authenticator? Is there a setting I need to change on my account or in-game?
IIRC there's a 72-hour cooldown before promotion to an authenticator-required rank can be done upon either a new guild member with an existing authenticator or an existing guild member who has only just attached their authenticator for the first time.

You're the first. In 2 days or so the GM should be able to promote you :)
Okay, thanks. I will let the GM know that we just have to wait and try again in a couple of days.

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