Slippery Slopes

Please fix this WQ, getting slowed by nothing and the yeti catches up, its impossible to do in its current state.
Same issue, I'm avoiding all the "moguls" and still getting slowed. Having to run all the way back up is a pain too. It would be nice if it put us back up at the top.

*Edit* Managed to finish it, must be a server or host lag issue. Staying as close to the middle of the "path" between the snow mounds helped with whatever buffer it uses to determine player location. Don't try to just do a close turn around them (like you would if you were really trying to pass a slalom gate when skiing).
This quest is terrible. Waste of time and most of all not fun. The mechanics of this quest make it near impossible to complete. Sick of trying this. My character hits NO moguls and is slowed. Good idea, poor execution. Seriously going to log now. This quest has killed my mood.
Fix that quest its terrible.
PLEASE fix the the slippery slop the minute you take of the yeti stops u or it stops you almost there he runs faster than we are going please fix
Agreed, just put in a bug report for this.

Too many damn snowpacks, even when you don't hit them, if you get anywhere near them, they slow you for what seems like forever and the yeti is too damned fast.

Love the idea of this quest, seems like it could be a lot of fun, just tune it down a bit guys. This is supposed to be a fun WQ, this ain't mythic runs FFS.
Crap quest. BLIZZ where is the high polish you are noted for on games?
I really like BFA but you should of tested more and polished it up a bit more.
This quest could be super fun.. I like the idea of targeting the penguins along the route, fun quest if done proper.. Seems thrown together without thought or just rushed. Would LOvE TO HEAR FROM THE QUEST DESIGNER on this one!!!

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