Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<Wipe It Up> - Saurfang - Alliance is a semi-hardcore mythic progression guild. We pride ourselves on giving a guild experience that can suit all sorts of players.


[Raid Times]
Weekend Team - Saturday/Sunday [7PM - 10PM AEST]
Midweek Team - Wednesday/Thursday [8PM-11PM AEST]


[Currently Recruiting]

Weekend Team Recruiting -
- Ranged DPS
- Melee DPS
- Heals (Disc Priest pref)

Midweek Team Recruiting -
Melee DPS
Ranged DPS
Healers (Disc priest, Shaman, Paladin)


[Raid Progression]
[Uldir] Mythic 2/8
[Antorus, the Burning Throne] Mythic 5/11
[Tomb of Sargeras] Mythic 4/9
[Nighthold] Mythic 6/10
[Trial of Valor] Mythic 2/3
[Emerald Nightmare] Mythic 7/7


[Guild Social Raid Night]
Monday Night 8PM-11PM ST (AEST) - Full Clear through Normal Uldir content!
Just a simple sign up on our guild calendar for our members!


We try to offer a guild that gives you the gaming experience you're looking for! There's nothing worse than logging in to an inactive guild that never wants to do anything, or a guild that's only busy during raid times. That's why we have put together a team of officers to keep everyone busy and get the whole guild involved!

- Social Officer. Creates events in guild to keep everyone occupied. eg. Mount farming runs, Old content achievments "Glory of the ..", Guild competitions and transmog contests.
- Raid Leaders. Responsible for leading our raid teams to victory! One leader for each team, midweek and weekend.

Besides our two raid teams we are always recruiting new players to join us in the experience of the new expansion! Players who will join us in our mythic runs and soon to be mythic + runs, old school raids, heroics or even just some good old stuffing around in Boralus.


Contact Me if you have any questions or would like to join!
My btag! purplenub#6756
My discord Derankaix#3574
Derankaix/Amoraix in game! :)
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Bump it! Uldir released next week!
Midweek Team Recruiting -
Heals - Paladin, Monk, or Shaman.
Ranged - Mage, Shaman, Warlock
Ive added your btag for a chat :)
Looking to join guild ... sent bliz & discord request. Cheers!
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Updated teams! Recruiting additional players!
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Updated Recruitment information for both raid teams!

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