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hey folks just wondering what other mmos you play? im so disenfranchised with this new WoW expansion that ive been looking to other games to play in the genre. to this day i still play the original Guild Wars (more of an online coop game), Guild Wars 2 but i havent delved too far into Final Fantasy 14 or The Elder Scrolls Online.

any suggestions would be awesome cheers.
Had some fun in ffiv, blade and soul, black desert online, and DC universe online. While waiting for BFA. None would hold me very long tho.
Rift, and SWTOR are the other two I play.

Both are free to play. But I only play SWTOR if Im going to
pay for a month or two. They go beyond ridiculous with the
free to play restrictions
FFXIV or ESO (With sub.)

FFXIV has a plethora of content to dive into. It'll take you some time to get to max level if that's your gig though. (Took me about a month and a half to get to where I'm at, which is about 1/3rd of the way through Heavensward, playing maybe 2-3hrs a day.)

ESO is... More about doing what you want. There's less endgame content (and most of it is minmaxing run times) in the strict relation to WoW's M+/Raiding. The PvP over there is pretty amazing though, and where FFXIV has a really long main story and a lot of shorter side chains, ESO has an abundance of novella-like stories.
Can't offer much for a suggestion if I don't know what aspect of MMO you really care about.

    FFIV is generally the accepted WoW-Alternative, since it has a solid population and does the normal PvE endgame stuff, but the setting and general atmosphere turns a lot of people off.

    SWtOR is great for story content, but the last few expansions have been getting worse and worse in quality and there's very little endgame stuff going on.

    ESO is great if you love PvP and aren't bothered by some quirks that are required to deal with (stuff like animation clipping and cookie-cutter builds), but outside of that it's really only OK for the initial leveling experience.

    Rift is completely dead and I wouldn't recommend bothering with it, despite having a reputation as an old school WoW raiding alternative -- a reputation that hasn't been accurate for about 2 to 3 years now.

    GW2 is... I don' tknow. Either you love it or you don't really care much about it. The game still suffers from a weird directionless endgame that kind of boils down to massive zerg PvP. The game design has a very quirky "Disney MMO" style that some people find off-putting, with a nickname of Fashion Wars 2.

    LotRO is basically the same as it's always been, with an outdated game engine and graphics that cater well to screenshots but fall apart when actually moving around. Endgame is fractured and pretty nonexistent, and every expansion has introduced wonky mechanics that don't age well and are often neglected soon after. It's also a frustratingly obscure game to figure out how to pay for, because simply subscribing doesn't get you everything you'd expect (you have to pay for expansions as well, and it's about a $120 entrance fee).

    And then there's the myriad of generic Korean/Asian MMO Grinders, like BDO and Archeage. There's generally no reason to get excited about those unless you really love quirky Asian interpretations of fantasy settings (talking bears, modern stuff thrown in with knights and castles, etc) and have a real penchant for disappointment.

Basically, the MMO genre really sucks right now. You might find FFIV or ESO to your liking since each does it's own thing decently enough, but that's about it.
play Oblivion, Skyrim, and the Witcher series series until WoW vanilla servers come out

there really is no other MMO as polished as WoW IMHO and I played most of them including every one mentioned above.
ESO. It's the only MMO that's hooked me even a fraction as hard as old-school WoW did. I don't know why I ignored it for as long as I did. It's what I'm moving towards playing atm.

SWtOR is alive and kicking too. If you're into a more traditional WoW-like MMO, try it out. It's fun, and it's free to play.
Black Desert Online is fun that is if you have a backbone and can look beyond the huge masses of Salty children that play. Yea wow has them too but nothing like you've ever seen before. BDO Makes wow community look like a cabbage Patch Picnic party. Still a fun game
Wildstar, it is a western sci fy type mmo game. Not a big community, it is something different, doesn't have any crazy restriction like SWOTR, and it is free to play.
ArcheAge would have been the best MMO I have played since WoW/SWG if that game didnt become so RNG and P2W.

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