What's your rep currently for Champions of Azeroth?

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I'm still friendly =/
10,570 / 12,000- Honored.
1k to honored. I haven't been grinding that much.
About 1500 to Honored
1075/12000 honored.
3500 Honored :(

Didnt bother doing the boring WQ. Just by doing emissary i got to this point.
About 2500/21000 going from Revered into Exalted.
325/12,000 Honored
500 revered. I am running a contract and completing all wq's, except pet battle quests. I am revered into all except tortollen, I'm 6k/12k honored.
9825/12000 honored.

I've only been working hard on 7th Legion.
Revered but apparently there isn't another upgrade of the neck at exalted so I swapped my contract to the evil turtles last night.
5475/6000 friendly. Apparently I've been goofing off.

All the others are at honoured though with the Zandalari near revered so that's something I guess.

I did just start the Island Expeditions so might go a bit faster now.
Less than 100 needed to get to honored Horde side. I have no clue Alliance side I do know I hit friendly yesterday so I am assuming a bunch. But this toon didn't hit 120 until last Thursday.
7k honoured

That helm seems like a waste, if they made it 335-340 for revered it would have more use.
Did they change it or was I not paying much attention I was browsing through it 30 min ago it looked like exalted was now a shoulder!
around 2k into revered.
3185 Revered

That contract buff adds up. Especially when you also do all the pet battle world quests.
I'm hated currently. Magni and I have never gotten along and while I was working on the rep the best I could we had a dispute after turning in the last emissary about how he has abandoned his daughter and some things were said about brd that I regret.

But whatever, you only live once. I've now been mining azerite from the world's open wounds just to spite him.
My Friend is ~6000 from exalted using the exploit today

Hasn't been banned yet but i think cause noone has reported him

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