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Dragonblight and Fenris
Hey everyone,

I'm planning on returning to WoW after 2 or 3 years. Wondering whether a new server is better or if I should stay here.

What's the state of the realm? Are there decent amounts of actives to support raids/mystic dungeons? Is PvP fair or is Horde/Alliance too dominant? Is the economy relatively stable?

Any help appreciated! If anyone has other realm suggestions for a returning player who will be starting relatively fresh, let me know!
Come to daggerspine and join <WMK>... You wont be disappointed

<Wicked Minded Killers> is a PvP/PvE based guild who's recruiting more blood for BFA! We're looking for YOU to join our brotherhood for the BFA bloodshed! Join now and become part of something much larger than yourself!

Want to merge your guild with ours? We've recently merged with other guilds and are currently growing at a rapid pace! If you're interested, please see Strength In Numbers below for details.

What are we looking for?

Players who;
- want to win Rated BG's, Arenas, and Random BG's
- are into Bounty Hunting, WPvP, Dueling, Ganking, etc etc
- like to raid (preferably with raiding experience, but currently accepting all applications)
- enjoy doing keystones
- are looking for friends to quest with
- are new/returning and/or leveling
- enjoy hunting guild achievements and/or doing old content
- are looking to join a community of not just guild mates, but a fellowship of friends to enjoy the game with

Why join <Wicked Minded Killers>? (besides for the brutal name of course!)

We have;
- a dedicated RBG team (currently building the second team)
- many players to arena with (some who are gladiators)
- an active discord community (if you're into deviant text/voice chat)
- heroic raiding experience
- host regular guild events (Raids, PVP, Mythics, etc etc)
- some of us are alt-alholics and just enjoy leveling
- guild bank access as well as repairs
- no elitist jerks!
- most of us have been playing since Vanilla/BC.

Raiding Schedule (subject to change)
We are in the process of developing two(2) raid teams for BFA. Currently raid times are as fallows;
Tuesday's/Friday's and/or Saturday's @1930 server (1730 PST)
Raid times may (and probably will) vary depending on group/participant schedules.

Strength In Numbers
Guild Merge Information

Leaving your guild to merge with another is a big deal. We want to make sure you and your members are comfortable after the merge. We've set aside a special rank for the guild leader(s) who've merged with us. We call this rank Ambassador. This rank gives you and your members some comfort in seeing their leader(s) in a position with some authority. Ambassador is not an officer, but it will allow you some guild control, access to guild leadership meetings, a chance to vote during guild decisions, and more access to things like the bank, repairs, discord, etc etc. Interested in an officer position? Inquire with us before the merge for details and requirements.

If I have peeked your interest;

You may battletag myself @bloodbathed#1274 OR
You may add and /w in game any of the fallowing Council Members;

Wídowmaker-Daggerspine (alt+0237 for the í)

Welcome to the brotherhood!
Can't say much in regards to guilds, raids, etc. as I have been going solo for a while now but.

Leveling in the Xpac I had warmode on and barely saw a handful of horde and almost no alliance to speak of, even in alliance territory. When I capped at 120 I entended to keep warmode on but there were just not enough people around.

Turned warmode off and there are a few more horde, a handful off alliance, but hardly the population I would expect for a new expac launch week. And I have been hitting up all the zones. I am capitalizing on the price of herbs/ore and have been doing rounds in all the zones in travel form and quick pick glove enchant and... There just isnt a population around anywhere!

Don't know if its just me but the server feels really empty.

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