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Dates for November:

11th: theme - Pets. Bring a pet with you IC.
25th: theme - Wanderer's Festival

There will be an additional Teahouse evening on Wednesday the 21st. After the Stormwind University Colloquium - which starts at 7 pm (server).
In Mistfall Village - Show up any time after 8 PM


Quilen & Cloud Teahouse Community (for CrossRP users) Invite:

"Slow down. Life is meant to be savored."

In-game calendar events will be made for both factions.
If you would like an invite to one of the regular Sunday nights please post here. Include the following information:
    Actual Character Name, Faction, IC Character Name (optional)

It's ok to request an invite on more than one character.

There will be an additional Teahouse evening on Wednesday the 21st. After the Stormwind University Colloquium - which starts at 7 pm (server).

The location for the Colloquium will be on the second floor of The Golden Rose (the largest building in Mistfall Village).The presentation that evening is by Kunbo. So come & learn some of the basics of playing jihui, then stick around after the Colloquium when we move down to the teahouse.

If you want a calendar invite to the Stormwind University Colloquium itself then please contact them directly.

The current menu features roasted barley tea (with Yak Butter provided by Zhuona so we can serve it in the traditional Kun Lai style). Aged Ginseng tea is another Autumn treat.
MENU: tinyurl.com/QCfallmenu

LOCATION: Mistfall Village, Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

What is it?
An irregularly scheduled opportunity for informal IC socializing as a bit of variety from the tavern hubs. Come when you want & leave when you need to. Come as a group or come individually: race, class and guild affiliation don't matter.

The exact location of the teahouse is flexible. We'll start off in the smaller unnamed tavern that is on the west side (closer to the river & the pet battle master). If things get crowded we'll move to the nearby outside seating area. In that case look for the Sky Lantern (pet) flying above our steep master.

How does this work OOC ?
Mistfall Village is not officially a sanctuary, but we will be treating it as such for IC purposes. Amiable chars of any affiliation are welcome to attend. However, due to temporary staff shortages you'll need to bring your own Pandaren-speaking translator or make other arrangements.

The philosophy of the Quilen & Cloud Teahouse (and of the Bronze Talons both IC & OOC) is consistent with the spirit of jihui - that the game is won only when all players are happy with the outcome. Please be respectful OOC of other people's RP style and immersion preferences, and IC behave with the same sort of decorum that would be expected inside a restaurant in RL.

When possible we offer “real” beverages so that people can use the drinking animations IC. But this is about sharing a bit of traditional Pandaren culture, not to turn a profit. Whether it's something tradeable or simply a bit of emoting everything is offered without charge. A bowl for tips will be next to the crane figurine on the counter.

We've worked out a "house rules" version of Jihui that is consistent with the few clues available in lore. It is flexible enough for a small group to play, as well as the typical 2-player game.

Why Sunday nights at 8 ?
The Wanderer’s Festival is the closest Blizzard comes to an official celebration of the Pandaren elders. It's low-key and local but we get it once a week instead of once a year like the Lunar Festival. It happens twice every Sunday evening – 9 PM and 11 PM server at Turtle Beach.

"Slow down. Life is meant to be savored."

We won't be hosting every Sunday – too much other RP to enjoy :) At first we're shooting for once a month. More often (or other times during the week) by negotiation. Same goes for catering functions at other locations, or providing some interactive ambience as an IC background for other groups' scripted RP events.

Map & IC tales available at the Bronze Talons blog
( https://bronzetalons.wordpress.com )
IC info:

The Quilen and Cloud Teahouse is brewing! After being on the road as a portable teahouse at several events we are happy to announce we have signed a lease for more permanent premises.

If you are looking for a quiet haven where you can slow down and remember the good things in life, enjoy a relaxed conversation with friends, or make some new acquaintances away from the typical noisy tavern then we're for you. If you are looking for a place to conduct some quiet negotiations away from prying eyes and ears bigger than fishnets we can accommodate you as well.

The Quilen & Cloud Teahouse is an occasional offering of the Bronze Talons as a way to help the rest of Azeroth learn about and enjoy the culture(s) of Pandaria and the Wandering Isle. We offer a variety of Pandaren teas for you to slow down and savor life. Depending on weather and season kafa, infused milks, and juices are added to the menu. Our friends might even talk us into whipping up a bowl of noodles.

The Jihui philosophy is that the game is won only when all players are satisfied. The teahouse is meant to be a safe harbor for all who seek a sanctuary in the midst of a stormy world. Weapons racks with secure locks are available outside - just behind the Smiling Mogu statue. Those who cannot refrain from discussing politics, religion or otherwise create a disturbance will be politely asked to leave - by a Pandaren weighing several hundred pounds who has mastered a 10,000 year old martial tradition.

Jihui sets are available - a fun and relaxing way to learn about some of our history & tales going back to the First Dynasty. Steep-master Kunbo follows the path of Jihui & will enjoy showing beginners how to play if there is a breather in the midst of the bustle.

Temporary stabling for your mounts is available near the Golden Rose (main inn) - those seeking overnight accommodations can find them at the inn as well. While we focus on tea and wit, those desiring something stronger to drink or a fuller meal can find it in the Golden Rose. There are also many food vendors on the terraces nearby.

We Pandaren have many ways to remember our Elders. One important celebration is the Wanderer's Festival. Quilen & Cloud Teahouse is open on Sunday evenings so guests can wander down to Turtle Beach in Krasarang Wilds to observe the procession, hear the singing of the lore about Liu Lang, enjoy the floating lanterns, and perhaps even see some of the hatchlings returning from the sea. The tea house is the perfect spot before and after for the informal companionship we Pandaren enjoy almost as much as dessert.

"Slow down. Life is meant to be savored."
Would you mind explaining how to play Jihui for me? I’m very curious!
08/10/2018 05:32 PMPosted by Nyumbani
Would you mind explaining how to play Jihui for me? I’m very curious!
:D That's a two-hour conversation at least. But come by the teahouse and I'll give you an intro.

Love it that a Troll shaman is the one to ask. Vol'jin was a player.

EDIT: I guess I could take the notes from the SWU lecture & the background lore research and write up an article for the blog. That would take up a day or two's worth of play time though. Maybe next month :D
Oh believe me we all know Vol’jin was a playah ;)
Yeah but he knew how ta get jihui widdit, mon.
Om nom nom?

I hope I said that right.
08/10/2018 07:50 PMPosted by Raiwe
Om nom nom?

I hope I said that right.
Pretty decent for someone without the proper physical vocal apparatus. Been around other races enough to know what you meant. It's actually pronounced "Om nomnom" in the standard Pandaren cubs are generally taught. The meanings of "Omnom nom" & "Om nom nom" are different & those of all three vary a lot depending on regional dialects. :P

Enjoy RPing with you and hope to see you there. :)
Not that we're distracted from the serious business of RP with all the new content - seem to be quite a few Pandaren merchant npcs - but somehow i manged to bump the wrong thread. :D

08/14/2018 11:01 PMPosted by Kunboket
This is a long hard week for all the denizens of Azeroth. Remember there's a snug comfy corner with some companionship, tea (and maybe even some noodles) waiting for you at the end of it. :)

What's the only time a Pandaren doesn't like to be called to the table?
A detailed IC description of the teahouse exterior, interior & furnishings is at


What's a Pandaren's favorite food?
The opening night menu with descriptions is added to the IC & OOC info at -


alternative link to the menu:


Why aren't there Pandaren Forsaken? (and yes it's a nomnom related joke)
Pao has been playing with his old buddies in the waterfalls & pools of the Wandering Isle for about a week now. He says -
Which roughly translates as "I'm fully recovered from my recent misadventures and am excited about brewing tea for old and new friends tonight."
There are likely to be people using the cross-faction addon for says & emotes. and I welcome that as part of the RP.

OTOH, just for myself, so far I prefer sticking with having another Pandaren translate across faction for me and using *text* in the say for emotes. The strange gestures and difficulty communicating verbally with those who don't speak Pandaren (& aren't the same faction) just seem to have the same feel as when I lived in another country irl.
listening to an ASMR "Magical Tea Room" while puttering around IC getting ready to greet people
Thank you to all the friends old & new who came.

Especially the ones who contributed to the ongoing process of figuring out how to make cross-faction interaction practical. and to those who stayed on to the wee hours for more conversation and jihui. Worn out today - 8+ hours of RP takes it out of you. :D
Aww I missed this
08/20/2018 10:04 AMPosted by Zhiifang
Aww I missed this
Next month :) Not sure which weekend yet. Open to suggestions.
Kunbo will be back home from his most recent wanderings next weekend & the teahouse will again be open.

September 9th
September 23rd

same location & times.

((OP edited to include latest info))
daily bump:
Pandaren is the primary spoken language at the teahouse. OTOH there are people who will be using the cross-faction addon.
Sounds neat. I'll be sure to swing by this weekend if I'm able to.

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