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Thanks everyone who dropped by. A lot of pleasant conversations were happening where I could tell personal story-lines were intersecting.

Currently working on dates for next month.
November dates: 11th, 25th. And a bonus evening on the Wednesday of the SU colloquium. Kunbo will be showing people how to play Jihui then opening the teahouse after.

More details and updated OP to follow.
Going to make sure I make these next ones, I missed a lot and have been missing Pandaren RP
11/01/2018 09:13 PMPosted by Zhiifang
Going to make sure I make these next ones, I missed a lot and have been missing Pandaren RP
And you have been missed :) Look forward to seeing you.
Dates for November:

11th: theme - Pets. Bring a pet with you IC.
25th: theme - Wanderer's Festival

There will be an additional Teahouse evening on Wednesday the 21st. After the Stormwind University Colloquium - which starts at 7 pm (server).

The location for the Colloquium will be on the second floor of The Golden Rose (the largest building in Mistfall Village).The presentation that evening is by Kunbo. So come & learn some of the basics of playing jihui, then stick around after the Colloquium when we move down to the teahouse.

We will make some provision for those who want to attend on the 21st but need a translator (most likely the Teahouse Community channel of the crossrp addon).
Chose the dates & themes this month so that Pet Night (11th) more or less lines up with the pet battle bonus week & the Moonkin Festival. A good opportunity to show off your newly trained champion or companion.

On the 25th we'll be making our regular excursion to the Wanderer's Festival as part of the teahouse. This month it coincides with the Pilgrims' Bounty holiday week.

If your character needs those nice white boots that go well with the festival suits or with the martial shirts + tuxedo pants to a make formal Pandaren outfit then Pilgrims' Bounty is the time to get them. Definitely worth a spot in your bank.
Quick reminder - ingame calendar invites are available.
It's tomorrow night. As usual, if you have any inky black potions bring them along. The permanent community link for those who want to use crossrp is in the OP.
Tonight :D
11/11/2018 05:59 AMPosted by Zhiifang
Tonight :D
Yep. Looking forward to seeing some old friends we haven't seen in a while & meeting some new ones as well.

Remember to check the first post for the community invite if you want to use crossrp during the teahouse.

Sad reminder: This is a friendly Sanctuary. No weapons (including staves) allowed. IC there is a weapons rack outside where you can lock down your implements of destruction. And no discussion of topics (politics, religion, etc.) that might lead someone to wish they hadn't used the rack.

HAPPY reminder: Bring your pets. Tonight is Pet Night. :)
Couple hours and a bit yet to go. See you soon. :)
Going to be late to this, hopefully people will still be on
You made it!

Thanks to all who attended.

and special thanks to Jingles for making a delightful Mess (pun intended).
The SU colloquium is only 7 days away (Wed 21st). This month it will be in Mistfall Village. Kunbo will be giving some introductory lessons in playing jihui. All are invited to attend. Teahouse to follow.
Colloquium details:

Then on the 25th will be the second regularly scheduled teahouse of the month. We'll be visiting Wanderers Festival at Turtle Beach in Krasarang as our contribution to the world-side celebration of Pilgrim's Bounty.

Detailed Teahouse info in the OP of this thread.

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