Best solo class?

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Druid, pally, and hunter
<<< Probably the best solo class. A lot of utility, great survivability and good damage.
Disc Priest. We may not kill things very fast but we never die.
Paladin or druid.
bm hunter hands down as soon as i got to 120 on this guy i started leveling my bm hunter alt and its night and day.

bm hunter then warlock if you like more casters.
08/17/2018 10:43 AMPosted by Cadaver
Just switch to your Guardian spec and proceed to pull stupidly large packs.
GG have fun OP.

If you're feeling the dark side my queen says she needs more undead death knights.

Yup! Only died a few times between 110 - 120.

Feed the bear.
BM Hunter, Afflock, Feral Druid, Arms Warrior, WW Monk, Frost/Unholy DK all work great as a general purpose soloing class/specs. I haven't found it necessary to dip into tank specs. Sure Blood is great for survivability, but in their current iteration the tanks feel a bit tedious and unnecessary for soloing (but to each their own).

There may be blips like turning 120 that make you feel squishy for a couple days but it's just a bit of gearing that you need.
Vengeance Demon Hunter.

You can tank a million things and not die, crazy mobility, plus you can leap up mountains.
08/17/2018 10:47 AMPosted by Edwin
BM Hunter

Anyone who says anything else is a liar.
Shadow Priest is super fun to play!
I'm currently working on 3, my Ret Pally is the best she can handle just about everything solo. With the exception of some of the Elite's that require groups. Solo'd one (barely,) but not the others. She is only lvl 113 so far though.

This MM Hunter and my Balance Druid also are doing very well, Druid needs more heals, but I haven't switched to Guardian spec since I love Balance... lol

None are very high yet, but also none have died including when dealing with multiple mobs. Though they have come close a time or two... lol

I'm in no hurry to level up, I'm enjoying taking my time and working on 3 instead of just 1. I have 4 more waiting to jump in. lol
Any class with good self heals, that can be used while dpsing works, or a pet class (Lock/Hunter), I have solo'd 100% of all group quests as a Survival hunter using a Ferocity pet, I have only gotten killed on non-group quests by getting extra adds or new mechanics.

Other than that find what you like and go with it.
/points at self.

Beast Masters.

The ultimate soloing spec.
08/17/2018 11:41 AMPosted by Hamstar
08/17/2018 10:47 AMPosted by Edwin
BM Hunter

Anyone who says anything else is a liar.

Here's the rub with BM hunter. I love solo play, almost all the time it's my go to because I just want to do what I want, when I want. I was steamrolling through content RIGHT UP TO 120. Then for some odd reason, sh*t got really tough when doing world quests, etc. I also play a Veng DH and for straight solo ability, the DH wins hands down. I think most tank specs can just take on packs and be OK. If you get more than two or three on BM hunter, you will feign, get your azz kicked, and may have to run. That's just from what I have seen thus far. I've tried all kinds of pets, etc. and now they all seem to get rolled quickly, so you have to keep up the heals on them when solo'ing. Anyway, just my two coppers.
08/17/2018 11:37 AMPosted by Illadris
Vengeance Demon Hunter.

You can tank a million things and not die, crazy mobility, plus you can leap up mountains.

Very true. Vengeance tanks for days really as I have seen on mine.

Been giving pure havoc a go as well on a dedicated 2nd DH. Liked them so much I made 2.

If you want to "tank" by dps killing stuff havoc does this nice too. Want to say the only enemy I had issues with on my grind to 110 (the blood elf is at 109, the night elf DH is in bfa already) was a moose from the hunting camp string.

Kind of funny that....a converted dragon and demon lords I smack around. 2 zones cleared to end raid/dungeons (not done yet those). A moose...was kicking my !@# though.

The flying around real nice. Doesn't use slots for gliders too/.
any pet class your basically able to take 3 4 times the amount of damage before you die and if you okay your cards right your pet shouldn't ever die really
Warlocks are best at solo'ing, but at low levels, there survivalbility and self heals are... not all that great until around 45...
Hunter! is hands down the king of solo play with a healing pet!

Pull too much? feign death problem solved
Need to run thru heavy mobs to reach that boss or chest? feign death problem solved
Can't mount because you still have aggro from some mob in another zone lol, feign death problem solved!
Druid: Stealth, speed, all roles.

DK: Near-invinciblity with blood spec...could really use an un-nerfed bear tartare though.

DH: Near invincibility in vengeance, effectively immune to fall damage, amazing mobility.

Hunter: Beast mastery soloing is powerful, can effectively negate fall damage with timed disengage. Can run past mobs to a node/objective and feign-death to remove aggro(mind the daze, won't be a problem when bardings cheapen).

Warlock: Same as hunter but lacks in mobility(burning rush hurts you) and some of the utility. In exchange, gets some other utilities and better self-healing.

Monk- windwalker's self-heal has been nerfed, their mobility is great but they might suffer from taking too long to kill things in their "invincible" specs (brewmaster, mistweaver).

Would not recommend:

Mage, Rogue, Priest,

Paladin: Don't know enough about it to say, seems to be in the "okay" tier.
Shaman: I don't know enough about its current state to say, seems to be in "do not recommend".
Warrior: I don't know how its self-heal and survivability is. It does have a tanking spec and seems to be the most mobile plate class.

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