(H) A guild for the socially anxious, etc

Borean Tundra and Shadowsong
Guild Name: Batman and Frands
Faction: Horde
Realm: Shadowsong
Primary Focus: PvE, PvP.
Recruiting Officer or Best Contact for your guild: Bàtman (alt code 133 over the first a)

Our guild is built on inclusiveness: We cater to those just starting out and those who suffer from social anxiety/depression/fear of failure and offer a place of no judgement. Don't know what you're doing yet? No problem. Haven't raided or been to dungeons before? No problem. This is a place where you can join a community of open minded people with big hearts and a helpful hand to guide you in your journey through the World Of Warcraft. So if this seems like a guild where you could fit into feel free to send me a message or in game mail and I'll get back to you asap. Thanks in advance!
What is a Frand?
lol, I guess it's a derpy way of saying friends. It's a long story
Can I join you guys?

I've been in 2 of the bigger Horde guilds on SS/BT with other toons, but was never able to break through the established cliques in the guilds.
Sorry about a late response nomorelevels. I’m speaking on behalf of bàtman at the moment as he is unavailable at the moment as something in their life came up. But if you are still interested in joining our guild we would love to have you.
Yay! Lunarcrane, i will message you in game the next time I see you or Bàtman.
Very cool. I suffer from anxiety and depression and have always had a hard time making friends in online games. I've added Bàtman and Lunarcrane onto my friends list. I'll message you in-game if I see you.
Hi are you guys still recruiting? I would love to join! I have also added Bàtman and Lunarcrane to my friends list so I can message you if I ever see you online or vice versa.

Disclaimer: I'm fairly new to the game but I absolutely fell in love with it, so I still have plenty to learn but I'm more than willing.
Hey guys, sorry I don't make it to the forums much. Feel free to look me up as well, battletag: Lector #1813. Lately I've been on late night/early mornings.

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