Human aff lock LF guild to complete dungeons

1. Times available & time zone:
Eastern Standard Time (3 hours ahead of server time)
Usually available very early in the mornings (4-5am Mon-Sat, up to 6-7am on Sundays), 1-3pm Sundays, and on very rare occasions between 6-8pm.

2. Server preference:
Cenarius only.

3. Faction preference:

4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual:
Very casual. I’m interested in the achievements and quests within dungeons. Dungeon search proves ineffective when other members leave after they’ve reached their goals.

5. Current progression/experience:
Haven’t played in years, never got beyond WOTLK. Currently lvl 52 and hoping to get original Azeroth dungeons completed before I move on to the Burning crusade ones, and so forth.

6. Recent logs (if available):
Unsure what this is!

7. Contact info:
Player name is indiladhar, battle tag is indiladhar#1355. You can message me in game or by replying to this thread.

8. Anything else:

Think of me as a complete beginner to make things easier. I don’t know any other classes or spells, Lore or anything else. I understand the bare basics. My gear is simply whatever I’ve achieved through questing, currently I’m mining and enchanting and will slowly level those, so don’t be surprised to see +2 strength bracers on me!

I’m pretty easy going and I’m looking to get dungeons completed, as mentioned above. Currently questing slowly and at my own pace, which is what I prefer. I haven’t taken part in any pvp yet to limit my level gain, but if I have a guild that is willing to help me run through once I’m beyond the level cap, I might play some pvp. Not looking for raids any time soon (time constraints). Not really sure what else I should post so ask questions if you have any!

Long term I’d like to work towards completing as many achievements as possible, but this won’t be until I reach level cap (years from now because my play is limited).

Thanks for your time!

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