<AD> TEAM DUSK S/Sun LF Healer & DPS!

Team Dusk The Weekend Team of <After Dark> is recruiting select classes for it's core. We aim to establish a solid core that not only wants to clear content efficiently on a two-night schedule but aims to constantly improve themselves. We are always looking for more individuals who are interested in becoming apart of our Mythic+ community as well!

Dusk till Dawn: Sat/Sun: 9:00p.m. to 12:00a.m. EST

High Priority: -- DPS with OS tank spec a huge bonus!

(1) Healer
Death Knight
Windwalker Monk

--- Will consider all other NON WARRIOR DPS.

Must have 2/8M experience and minimum 365 ilvl to be considered for trialing.

Mythic+ only members are always welcome!

To Apply: https://goo.gl/forms/n9160TNGJkD7jli43 OR
[GM] - LadyLoki#11608 (BNET)/Akromah#7556 (Discord)
[Officer] - Kotonashi#1382 (BNET)/Kotonashi#4624 (Discord)
Last countdown!
Possibly interested - anyone i should contact this week to talk a bit more?

You can add either of our btags, I'll be available for a good portion of the week!
Demon Hunters!

Just applied and added on B-Net. Can't wait to hear from y'all.
I'll join if you change the guild name.
Thanks for the free bump friend!
Surely there's a Demon Hunter friend out there, who would like to stab the things.
All the things... >.>
To the top!
Beep boop
Still recruiting
To the top!
To the top!
To the top!
Still looking!

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