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08/30/2018 09:49 AMPosted by Arjinius
Just going to vent for a second here:

I just completed The Motherlode dungeon. The first boss has a two handed mace and a shield on his loot table. My loot spec is protection, so WHY would it drop the two handed mace for my spec? I've been trying to farm a shield forever, but blizzard RNG finds it appropriate to drop a weapon my spec can't even USE?! This is garbage.

Good lord please increase the drop rate of shields, and definitely don't drop me items I can't equip under my loot spec of choice. Tanks are in short supply, don't make me resent being one because I can't get the items I need.


That's the whole reason. You don't get the gear you want and therefore run the instance more to get it.
Not gonna lie, I've yet to see a shield drop in heroics and mythics in 3 resets. I had to buy the BoE.
I'm in the same boat been doing mythics since week one and I can't get a shield or rings for the life of me. I clear everything except boralus each week and I have yet to see them drop
I've had 4 shields drop, in Mythic.
It's ridiculous.
But hey that's ok because I'm using a 310 ilvl weapon because of RNG.

I'll trade you 2 shields for a decent Holy weapon.
I'm only getting shoulders and helmets with this character... but on the other hand, sales of shield and weapons have been good in the AH (first time i'm making money with blacksmithing)
Came searching this topic as am annoyed by the lack of shield drops too. Holy and ret weapons at 340 from world quests. Shields not even been on the board. Wouldnt even think about levelling my prot warrior at this stage. Will probably drop paladin as a main and level my demon hunter as they get weapons from world quests for both slots.

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