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Wyrmrest Accord
Mission Statement:

Many have asked “are they any Sin'dorei military organizations anymore?” While there are, not many give what people want. Structure, unity, organization, and a force to be feared by Silvermoon’s enemies when they enter any of Quel'thalas's territories (a home defense). A powerful mixture of RP and PVP, we will be building our forces for Battle for Azeroth (but of course with a week or two without events so we can all experience the expansion).
What you can expect:

Events posted on the calendar and announced in the Discord several times beforehand so you will be sure to know when they are, even if you forget.
☛ A medium to heavy RP atmosphere where we encourage everyone to be respectful OOC and to remember that irl comes first.
☛ Helpful community of people that will get you to where you want to be with your writing as well as your experience within the guild.
☛ Opportunities of growth based on your character’s actions IC and your activity and attitude OOC.
☛ A place for any of your blood elves to fit into the military regime.
☛ An understanding team of officers that will help you to the best of their ability
☛ A zero tolerance policy for toxicity and rudeness to players both in the guild and outside of it (with some exceptions to events that took place prior to joining the guild).
☛ Detailed campaigns and an array of event types that can include gathering, diplomacy, crafting armor and weapons for the Sunblood Bulwark, infiltration, training, artifact requisition, and anything you can think of that would fit.
☛ More rewards and better opportunities when you work as a team instead of by yourself.
☛ And so much more!

Our goal is to provide an immersive, military experience that combines the three primary military forces of Quel'thalas, but also providing the growth new or old characters need to cement character progression through as accurately as possible military RP, or what we feel fits in the WoW universe.

At the moment, we have very few ranks. But as time goes on, and we obtain a specific amount of members, we will add more ranks and make opportunities of growth in the chain-of-command more possible for every member.
How to Join:

Right now, it is open enrollment so simply send a message or mail to Sineros, Pendant, or Disappointed with any questions. Open enrollment won't last too long!
Chain-Of-Command (ranks)

General: the highest rank in the chain-of-command (GL)
LT. General: second in command.
Colonel: leader of a Division(Officer rank IC)
Captain: second officer of a Wing, usually two in each to lead two squads while answering to the Colonel
Enlisted: trusted member that has been promoted from Initiate to serve on the battlefield in their respective Division
Trial: brand new elf that isn't necessarily part of the Bulwark but almost there.
Trainee: anyone that still needs training in their respective career paths before being put on the battlefield.

Divisions are what the Sunblood Bulwark calls their regiments, each led by a Colonel with Captain as their second. Anyone can be part of these divisions, and they can intersect during events. These are temporary/examples should the Captains wish to pursue a different name.
Glaive: The war/frontline division.
Lynx: Recon/intel gathering division.
Dawn: The medical division
Phoenix: Casters/spell enthusiasts.
Current Plot

News from the Ghostlands tells us there is a Quel'dorei encroachment. Whether this is a distraction or efforts to have a foothold in the southern part of Quel'thalas in attempts to retake it or a base for Lordaeron efforts, the Bulwark is to investigate and capture the infiltrators.
With everything revealed lately, it's time to bring this back around! I also will have a puppy come November and guildies will get exclusive access to photos and shenanigans the little rascal gets into.

He's a German Shepherd named Ares :)
Good luck to y'all. I'm excited to see where this goes. RPPvP guilds look out for one another!
I wish folk would run a community, I'd don't want to leave my current guild cuz friends, but my interests in my solo time shift to RP and crushing Alliance dogs.
10/11/2018 05:59 AMPosted by Buliss
Good luck to y'all. I'm excited to see where this goes. RPPvP guilds look out for one another!

Thank you! It definitely hit a halt when BFA launched seeing as how myself and others were busy levelling and completing content. But I will be recruiting as well as levelling to bring this flower back to blossom.

10/11/2018 07:36 AMPosted by Jeklith
I wish folk would run a community, I'd don't want to leave my current guild cuz friends, but my interests in my solo time shift to RP and crushing Alliance dogs.

And I totally agree! I have no idea of any of the other communities out there. Perhaps, if there are any, someone can post/share some? And if there are none, grab a couple of RPPvP guilds and create one
Bringing this back around! I'm adding some Divisions sometime today for any still interested and think their character would be a fit.

If you don't see me online, /who Sunblood Bulwark to see who is and they can pass the message along. Otherwise, add dylibird#6137 on Discord
Still thinking of some Divisions. I know we should have an air team, I bet a lot of you would be interested in that.

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