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Basically title

Ive been trying to level, but on two of my characters now all the sudden the game randomly crashes and when I load back in the second I move my character I crash again. This is really frustrating.
I have the same exact issue, at some perimeter point on both Zandalar and KulTiris both my Alliance and Horde characters simply stop working and the game exits with an error report. Log back in and the second the toon moves, the game crashes again. I was able to move them to a "safe place" and return to both islands but the second I hit that perimeter outside the main cities, crash crash crash.
experiencing this as well.
Same thing here, can't even move two of my characters before game crashes.
Hey Flamelock and Tyrece,

It looks like you may be using the 10.12 OS, and using an Intel graphics card. I would suggest updating to 10.13 in this case.

Nadara and Graydèn,

I wasn't able to find the crash logs for y'all, but if you are also using an Intel graphics, try updating the OS.

If not, please provide some information about the computer:
1) Open the Apple menu and select About This Mac.
2) Post the Mac OS X version number
3) Post the Type of Mac. Exp: MacBook Pro (15 inch, Mid 2014)
4) Post the Processor, Memory, and Graphics
Same here
is your problem restarting your computer as well?
I'm having the same problem when I was questing in Tiragarde on this character. I can't even play on it anymore because when I try to log in, it automatically closes and I get "The application encountered an unexpected error". I've had to level on my Horde character but have experienced no issues at all so far.

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