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Is it supposed to be fun to get higher ilvl azerite gear that is completely locked out of any traits, or relegated to only having a single trait, and has a complete absence of secondary stats?

Because let me tell ya, I'm having tons of "fun".
Kul Tiran and Zandalari are the next two upcoming Allied Races. What is coming after them? Vulpera and Sethrak? Arakkoa and Ogre?
Why did you get rid of the instant flight paths used in Argus? In doing World Quests now, more than half the time is just spent on the FP going from zone to zone, especially in the Horde isles (outposts gated behind rep, really?). Honestly, it is not fun.

Any plans on fixing the world quest system after you broke it to increase time spent in game? World Quests are longer than ever before, some of them being the same length as 3 quests while leveling (they are the same quests of course, just combined into 1 WQ). By breaking the previous auto-accept system (which you designed), as well as the addons, its just tedious at this point. It was also communicated extremely poorly, so when people do manually make a group in the ground finder, they don't invite people manually because the system used to do it for them.

Any fix on the constant disconnects (error WOW51900319)? Getting 5+ a day is silly.

Any changes planned for Island scenarios? Fighting the opposite faction seems pointless as they respawn almost immediately, and rejoin the fight.

I played quite a bit before, and I know this expansion is the closest I have gotten to leaving the game. It's tedious, and simply seems to increase time spent in game. I will be giving it until my sub is up, but I doubt much longer than that.
What is your reasoning behind the loss of the auto-accept feature on the group finder, except for elite WQs? Have you considered the implications on other cooperative group play such as achievements (like Fisherfriends) which require a single group lead to focus on group administration instead of the task at hand?
Is there a timetable on the rework or completion, or tuning, or whatever was promised for shaman and shadow priests? Can we be provided some sort of direction of the changes as well?
Are islands meant to be so unrewarding? The weekly reward is currently giving an amount of azerite equal to about 10 world quests, which for something you can only do weekly, really isn't all that much.
What other plans do you have for people with War Mode enabled? I loved seeing that Island Expeditions had the option to queue against other players, but I've heard War Fronts will not have that same option. What else will there be?
When deciding on the gearing system for PvP, why did you choose a fixed rewards schedule when vendors provided players the ability to target and work towards the specific upgrade they wanted?
Do you feel that the removal of auto-accept and searching for groups by addons was a worthwhile enough change for the expense of the individual player's enjoyment and time?
As of now, the Horde only has two races that can choose paladin. Will we get goblin paladins in the near future, thus completing the holy triumvirate?
It is extremely aggravating to join a group for a dungeon (as an example), run to the entrance to help summon the rest of the group, and find that the other person at the stone has a different warmode setting and can't summon with you.

Can anything be done about this?
Are there any plans to improve the guild recruitment tab? Currently it's actually fairly difficult to use as it doesn't give any indicators of if the player is offline or on an alt.

Ideally an online/offline indicator would be useful as well as allowing guilds to set up questions to help screen applicants. Also a notification to officers would be useful.

Realistically most guilds do their recruitment elsewhere but that could change if the ingame tool wasn't so bad.
08/20/2018 10:46 AMPosted by Sweetpeppas
Is there a timetable on the rework or completion, or tuning, or whatever was promised for shaman and shadow priests? Can we be provided some sort of direction of the changes as well?

yes!! this NEEDS to be adressed!! i would be so happy if they brought back shadow orbs, devouring plague, baseline Shadow word death and a weaker version of vampiric embrace to where its up all the time instead of a 2 minute cooldown and only last for 15 seconds. we NEED more surviveablilty
Oh, almost forgot.

When are we getting playable high elves?
Is Garak Tul officially dead and eliminated from the story? Or can we expect him to return later?
Any plans on curbing back the PvE world mob scaling? They feel like damage sponges even above heroic dungeon ilvl.

Also, any changes for the DK talent All Will Serve? It still has not changed from last expansion, and is still not very good(lack of mastery scaling.)
Why is playable races locked behind rep, quests and time gates? Why not do a quest chain like DH's and DKs?
Going through Kul Tiras, I can see both the big, stocky and small, skinny human models.

When they become an allied race, players are going to be able to choose between those as a customization option similar on how orcs can change posture? Can we expect to see a female version of the "skinny" human too?
Is there any chance of getting playable undead elves (without being locked in the Death Knight class) or a Dark Ranger class? I'd love to be able to go banshee just like Sylvanas. You made it look too awesome.

Please for the love of the Lich King and everything unholy, please don't let Sylvanas be a Garrosh 2.0. Thank you.

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