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Could we please have an update on new worgen and goblin models?
Are there plans to expand on the Communities feature to make them usable for larger communities? (i.e. bigger character caps, calendar improvements like recurring events, more moderation tools, etc.)
There currently isn't much benefit to getting Mission Table followers to Epic quality and the random type of Mission troops has caused some trouble in countering certain Mission conditions. What are the plans to further develop the Mission Table system in BFA or to alleviate those concerns?
Aside from the sentiments shared about feral druids in earlier posts, are there any plans to give feral and guardian more weapon choices? We had dw daggers and fist weapons in Legion, but now we can only use polearms and staves, all of which are boring stat sticks and most poorly statted due to haste being so powerful for feral. Can we get some more variety again, please?

Oh, and for the love of God, don't make me use required to use Blood Talons.
Why alliance have lazy models rep mounts?
Horde aren't getting Honorbound rep for the Wanted quests in Kul Tiras, while Alliance get rep for completing Wanted quests in Zandalar. Is this intended?
When should we expect Vulpera/Quillboar/Sethrak/Tortollans/San'layn/Drust to become Allied Races?
Can we expect updates to the customization options of the old races after we get done with allied races?

For example, the current hairstyles of the humans look horrible compared to what AR have been getting. Also update on goblins and worgen.
Rewards in both the islands, and world quests do not feel like they are rewarding effort spent, is there plans on increasing these to make it feel more worthwhile?
Are we finally going to see Pandaren Druids?
vrykul as allied race??
I actually have three questions.

1. With the Stat and Item level squish there came many new issues such as Dungeoun bosses being disgustingly obtuse with their damage (Thanks for nerfing Alzzin BTW) or the extremely depleted max level secondaries that are Now once again requiring absurd numbers to raise even a single percent. With that in mind is there any plans to address the issues with secondaries and possibly tune them so they synch better with smaller numbers so there won't be as much of a need to squish every other expansion?

2.Is there going to actually be more story with the Honorbound because right now the entire war effort feels as if you're being treated like crap for bothering to complete it Nathanos is insulting and Garona as well and these are the two mainstays of the entire campaign.

3.Are there plans to get rid of the iLevel Scaling Enemies because at this point consistently feeling like you're gaining nothing but an item level while remaining weaksauce because the enemies just continue to get stronger is well more than enough to hammer home frustration instead of fun.
Dazar'alor is huge and gorgeous, but npcs is too far from each other, have any chance to relocate them?
Is Abby Lewis' story over? Because while I'm intrigued by the idea of encountering her again when she's older, I'm also now terrified of tea parties.
Will there be anymore playable allied races added in bfa?
What specs are slated for further revisions and talent changes in 8.1? (Please say Destro Warlocks.)
Are there any updates planned for the auction house? It seems to have slowed down considerably recently and could use an update.
Story-wise, anything will be done on how Void Elves can bolster their ranks? Or they're stuck with the canon "few dozens" transformed?

Regarding roleplaying. this issue is way too relevant to be left up for interpretation.
Many of the air drops are dropping in areas inaccessible to players. Will this issue be fixed and are there any plans to add air drops onto the main map for players to track?
Do you have an update on when the new Warlock casting animations are expected? We were told 8.0 and only a couple of Demo spells got them.
In the future how about not locking a race behind rep but rather cosmetic alterations such as hair, tats. piercings, skin color, etc. or a new class not normally playable by that race.

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