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People have to go back to Legion content to unlock the first four Allied races, will the rep requirement be taken off these anytime soon? They are marketed as BFA, but require outdated Legion content.
Can they change the PVP spam stun and Silence crap going of for forever in BGS ? because its freaking frustrating haveing 2 to 5 people spam stunning you and silenceing you forever and a day and your trinket getting you out of one and not makeing you immune to the next one a second after you break it for 2 min or minute and a half .
IT freaking annoying now and needs to be fixed.
My new BfA main, which was boosted, can wield Shadow’s Edge, ride a Cenarian War Hippogryph, and wear Tier 1 armor, yet other cosmetics are arbitrarily locked behind rep. In a world of allied races, main changes, and boosts, can we remove cosmetics from rep restrictions and make them account wide like mounts, artifact appearances, and other cosmetics?
Mob scaling is turning out to be an experience that does not feel rewarding. What are your options to address this?
Is there any plans to add something to help alts with the huge reputation and AP grinds in BFA? especially cross faction alts since many reputations are different between them.
All I seem to get are chest and shoulder azerite pieces. Is there any reason in particular for multiple azerite chests and shoulders to drop or will other azerite armour be available in the future?
countless players as well as myself would love it if you would allow us to add our alts to our private banking guild in a more simplified manner with out having to use back door methods especially with communities being more efficient than social guilds and the only guilds that really matter being competitive guilds any way will this be done at any point in the future
08/23/2018 08:26 AMPosted by Malochai
People have to go back to Legion content to unlock the first four Allied races, will the rep requirement be taken off these anytime soon? They are marketed as BFA, but require outdated Legion content.

i sure as hell hope not i love that you have to work for allied races it makes them special and it would make them not even matter at all if blizz took that away
With the constant hot fixes that get applied (such as azerite trait buffs/nerfs), can communication become better? There has been slim to none, and we're left in the dark while changes take place in the background.
Do you plan to make Expulsom easier to get? For example, giving Mining, Herbalism, and mobs a chance to drop some?
Can you add filtering to Group Finder to be able to differentiate between Warmode on and off? grouping up for rare or summoning involves unnecessary idling to wait for someone to switch.
Will we ever get Highmountain eagle mounts?
With all the changes made to hunters in this patch are there any upcoming or planned changed to better fine tune the class? Additionally are there any plans to let us tame those new beautiful pets ? many of them simply change to a plain version once tamed. Examples are the parrot with the pirate hat, spiders with blue glows or those amazing looking bears that resemble druid bear forms.
BfA leveling feels tougher after 115 and gets progressively harder each level. XP comes slower, mobs live longer. Is this as designed? unexpected? or another stat squish consequence?
Are there any current plans to address the bug in Temple of Sethraliss involving moving the eyes to the skull to open the door? They tend to despawn or stack on top of eachother halting progress
Many people did not get pathfinder during the previous xpacs. It is a huge burden to go back and do it now. Will we ever be able to fly in draenor/broken isles without the achievement?
Could you give more detail as to why you took Master Loot away? It seems as though the only reason it was taken away, was to pander to those who didn't raid Mythic content to begin with, where forced personal loot was already implemented.
I am sure many have beaten this to death in this thread...But...

Please address Balance/Feral, its a slop fest. lol
Will Void Elves ever get more normal skin tones/hair colors?

Something to help the rep grind would be great, I don't have dozens of hours a week to devote to grinding rep on the few WQ we get daily for Argussian Reach. Could you implement something to help that along?
can we please be able to tame brutosaurs and giraffes?

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