Why am I dying to quest mobs at 120?

Non-elite, regular quest mobs are completely wiping the floor with me unless I'm in guardian or resto spec. Am I missing something???
nope. nothing. feral sucks. we waiting on buffs. theres a post on wowhed saying we will get buffs soon. no eta. no info on what the buffs are either. just ... patience.
Moonkins die very easily as well, unless you are geared and running talents like FoN and Typhoon/Entanglement to buy you a reset.
I was having troubles even in Resto and have been farming my WQs as Guardian for the armor and hefty health pool. And don't worry, it's not just you. Mobs scale against your ilvl the higher it gets.

But at least Feral should be receiving a buff in the next week or so (rumor has it.)

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