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You noticed you transformed into your main. What do you do?
-Don't be disgusting(lol that's about it)
Put on second pair of goggles, which I can't do now.

So that I can do the double-goggle-take-off thing.
Marvel at the fact that I have lady bits now.

Then go be a soccer mom Paladin.

Stand in front of the mirror and /flex for a few hours.
This is the expansion i choose to not play mage? Yikes.
I use my wings to soar above the clouds.

So I can make it to work on time.
Touch my ears
> hide until blizzcon 2018
> enter cosplay contest
> win, guaranteed
Test the wings. Very carefully.
08/27/2018 02:57 PMPosted by Brendarr
-Don't be disgusting(lol that's about it)

Look at my character.

You just ruled out about 90% of my posts for this thread. And the last two posts are "Go fly to Stormwind's Druidic pumpkin farm to flirt with the pumpkins there." and "Go do Lightforged things in Kul Tiras like mining and blacksmithing."

I couldn't cope with being a Gnome
Depends. Am I in the real world or on Azeroth?

Real world? Freak out because I'm now a blue elf and I'm pretty sure the government would want to have a few words worth me about how that came to be.

Azeroth? Freak out because everything in that world is hostile and I'm a coward.
Hope the neighbors don't call Animal Contol.
Use my gnomish x-ray goggles and go to a bar in Ironforge. Also bring my entire steamy romance novel collection with me (ive got 2 full hexweave bags full of readable books on this character and near halfway into the 3rd).
You noticed you transformed into your main. What do you do?
-Don't be disgusting(lol that's about it)

Well, I got nothing, then.
But... I'm a Gnome in real life too. So, I guess I go to work like any other day.

(shakes head in confusion)
Go insane from all the voices Void Elves hear.
Hide in a corner afraid of everything, because blizzard f%$@'d my spec and it's a piece of hot garbage - to the a point where a wild squirrel could take me out.
I begin to Zug Zug as hard as I can.
Then I begin to Lok'tar Ogar... slowly.
Bubblehearth, it's like a right of passage for us.

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