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I used to play on a family member's pc for most of the time and so I already had a ton of useful addons and such to help me heal but obviously since I'm using my own account and my own PC, I am quite lost on how to do things right without the help of an old account. Feel free to ask questions!
Hey, we have a program to help people get setup and going. Here is our post if you're interested in checking it out

I feel your pain .. I run more than 40 addons (info junkie) and the rest of my guild thinks I'm a loon for it ... well ... maybe not JUST for that but ...

Anyhow .. remember that there are also a lot of great (and easy to understand) guides out their in Google world, too. Try anything over at WoWhead.com to start with and go from there :)

Luck to you in your search for a great and helpful guild .. it will really make the game outstanding :)

Oh and don't forget (if you haven't already) to also post on your server's forums ... Dalaran ... so you can increase your chances of a localized response or maybe even just some friendly people that will hook up with you to help learn the ropes. You can find them at ..

Hello, Nelke!

<Ten Million Years> is a Horde guild on Emerald Dream. We're building our team around 4 simple concepts: stylish and chill raiding, enjoying BfA content, being kind folks, and (optional!) a Pacific NW regional affinity.

We are enthusiastic about new and returning players and enjoying WoW at every level. The most important thing for us is to have that friendly supportive team vibe. If that sounds good to you then welcome!

Please get in touch with us:
  • by Battle Tag: Foundation#1169
  • by email: guild@tenmillionyears.org
  • online: https://tenmillionyears.org/guild/
Or simply find us in game. Thanks!

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