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Sorry just had to say that the music in this expansion is lovely.

Thanks Blizzard!
I concur
Yeah, they usually knock the music out of the park. Both faction zones have pretty great atmospheric music.
I was fighting a rather large group of creatures out in the world as the music began to build and grow to a climax and then end, my fight ended. It made that fight feel epic but it was just a coincidence.
It's fantastic, especially in Nazmir. That atmosphere and theme of that whole zone makes it my favorite location in WoW.
Just been thru Tiragarde, Drustvar, Freehold(which, btw in ONE normal run won the title of most ¨%#&¨%*&¨$ annoying place in the entire game[so far] for me) and Tol Dagor, but have to agree the music are REALLY awesome. Specialy that mysterious/horror environment in Drustvar.
I agree, the people that worked at Blizzard have outdone themselves.The music is beautiful as are the look of the environments.But the environment sounds are really awesome like for example areas in Drustvar like the Crimson Forest really immerse you into the environment.
Hearing the wind blow,a cackle of a witch,wolves howling and other creepy sounds especially at night is just so spooky.Love it.

Please....pretty please Blizzard do something for Hallow's End in Drustvar.
Completely agree, entire expansion is highly immersive!

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