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Hey guys! Some of you have voiced some feedback about feeling a little missed sometimes when it comes to us making or posting updates on sites like Twitter. Since we understand that some of you guys prefer to only use the forums we're going to maintain this sticky thread here as a master list of all of the recent tweets so that you can see when we make them and what was said.

I will try to catch all of them as it will sometimes include tweets from accounts like: WarcraftDevs and Watcher himself or any other dev that posts something I think might be relevant to include in here.

Legion Assaults will be disabled later today, prior to the launch of Battle For Azeroth. They'll return in a few days.

Is the siege of Lordaeron still available for other characters to do after BFA launch or was it removed along with war of thorns?

The Siege of Lordaeron is a permanent part of Battle for Azeroth and a pre-requisite for Kul'Tiras and Zandalar. It will remain playable like Broken Shore was for Legion.

You said weapons won't titanforge. Why did you go back on this?

They won't, from BfA content. Legion weapons are different since they're competing with artifact relics that have always been able to Titanforge. The other exception is the weekly M+ cache, which isn't random, but rather a guaranteed upgrade.

Attention Arms Warriors: we’re working on some significant tuning for Mastery: Deep Wounds that will be coming to the game very soon --


When you unlock Battle for Azeroth world quests, your Flight Master's Whistle gains the ability to work in the new lands. if you didn’t play Legion or destroyed your whistle, you will receive a Flight Master’s Whistle that works in Legion and Battle for Azeroth zones.

We've updated our hotfixes blog post with the latest, including a fix to several flight paths, quest fixes, and a lowering of the Heart of Azeroth level required to activate the outer ring of Azerite armor obtained from World Quests and Mythic dungeons:

When can we expect Legion Assaults to be back?

Legion Assaults will return soon today.

Countering threats is LOWERING a mission's success chance.

Not a bug - mouse over the tooltip for the "Stealth" mission type. This is admittedly not at clear as it could be, and we're looking at improvements to the UI to highlight when you've incurred a penalty due to a mission mechanic.

Are allied races supposed to be timegated?

We had some restrictions in place to keep the Allied Races unavailable in Beta, and the restrictions were still in place. This is fixed now and players who hit exalted can proceed. Sorry for the confusion!

Hi! Argent Dawn EU player here, enjoyed the launch and enjoying the expac, but the sharding on Stormwind and Orgrimmar is really eating into friends that like to RP on the server and can't see anybody! Is there going to be a stop to sharding soon in capital cities?

It's necessary around the time of major releases for the sake of server stability to enable sharding on RP realms, but we're aware of the inconvenience and we hope to revert it ASAP.

No PvP Season today??

The PvP season is temporarily disabled while we clean up some unexpected issues.

No ETA right now, but getting it up and running is our #1 priority at the moment.

Yo @WarcraftDevs I wanna run M+ but my key dropped at +18. I can't grind it down to a doable level because I hit an instance cap.

We quickly fixed the underlying issue that caused some players to receive high level Mythic Keystones. Deleting the key and running another Mythic dungeon will grant you a new Mythic Keystone.

As a reminder, the instance cap is hourly.

We’ve fully identified and eradicated a bug that caused some players to receive an unintended Mythic Cache reward earlier today. We’re working to remove all such unintended rewards from any characters who received them.

Are the quests from new Arathi from Yvera (the portal elf) supposed to be only once per account? If so why?

We've just resolved an issue that prevented additional characters on an account from being eligible for Arathi Highlands quests.

Hey just wondering is it intended for pvp conquest cap reward to be 280? Seems a little weird that it rewards gear lower then world quests by quite a bit. Thanks.

Conquest rewards for the first week of the new PvP Season are an item level 345 weapon of your choice from class options. We're working on a fix to display the correct item level.

We can change weapons? Appears to just be an ele weapon.

Once you reach 500 Conquest, you'll be given a quest to return to The Mugambala or Hook Point that lets you choose your weapon. The one displayed in the UI is just an example of one option.
Is there any clarification we can have about what the intention is with Light of the Protector in raids for Protection Paladins? @WarcraftDevs
it heals + increase with up to 200% depending on current health.
But in raids the 200% is reduced depending on how many players in raid?

This issue was hotfixed late yesterday, and a similar fix for Hand of the Protector will be live shortly.
We've updated our hotfixes blog post with the latest hotfixes made to World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth, including all of the recent PvP tuning and adjustments made to some Uldir encounters:


is it a bug or intended for the m+ weekly catches to have only 1 pieces. Many of my friends and guildies only got 1 piece. We thought it was up to 3 pieces.

For a few weeks in the Battle for Azeroth Beta, the chest dropped more than one item. The intended design and behavior of the chest is to award one weekly high-end item, just like it did in Legion.

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