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if I don’t hit conquest cap on my alt what happens exactly. Does my new cap for next week become 1000 instead of 500? And so on til Im caught up or I just completely miss out on a weapon?

If a character of yours doesn't hit the Conquest cap, you won’t miss out. You won’t lose Conquest or the chance to get the Conquest reward for this week. If you wanted to, you could wait three weeks and then accumulate the Conquest for three rewards in one day.

when can i expect to get my elite pvp appearence? I´m now above 2k cr and want to mogg it :)

We've just applied a hotfix on this:
Players that were affected by a bug that incorrectly granted Season 1 achievements on the first day of the season in American realms can now re-earn their Elite transmog unlocks by finishing an arena or battleground.
Why Rank 3 recipe (for Alchemy at least) cost 1.2k gold but use the same materials as rank 2? What's the point of adding Rank to professions if you don't add any bonus to it? Same thign for recipe from WQ, Rank 3 don't reduce mats requirements for ANY recipe

In Alchemy specifically, Rank 3 recipes give you an chance to make extra bonus potions, flasks, or other items (sometimes lots more!), instead of reducing the materials required to make them.
Can you clarify who gets the title from the Hall of Fame guild achievement? Right now only those 20 at the kill have it, what about those who had to sit out? A chance for them to also obtain it before it goes away (after 100 kills).

The “Famed Slayer” title will be usable by anyone who is in a guild that has earned the Hall of Fame achievement *and* also has the Cutting Edge achievement for that boss.

Reagents required for Alchemy Potions have been decreased in today's PTR build

This is an example of game data in a PTR that will not find its way to the live game. We’re working on a different plan for Alchemy, and we’ll bring that to the PTR in the coming weeks.

We've updated our hotfixes blog post with the latest, including today's Alchemy adjustments and some Azerite trait fixes:

10/03/2018 04:24 PMPosted by Ythisens
We're working on several improvements to Azerite Armor. Details were just posted here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769297394#1

EU thread: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17624362601#1

The change to Emissary rewards mentioned in this tweet is now live. Azerite Armor caches can scale up to item level 370, based on your overall average item level.

We're making two small changes to how the Azerite Armor rewards from Emissary quests scale, based on player feedback:

Join us on the Tides of Vengeance PTR tomorrow to help test the new Darkshore Warfront in our latest Play with the Blues!

Details here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769607120#1

Do I need to have my artifact weapon equipped to be able to do the "win ten rated battlegrounds" tint unlock now that BfA is out? I'm not sure if the weapon scales for pvp which would make winning difficult.

You don’t need to have your Artifact weapon equipped or transmogged onto the weapon you're using in order to earn progress towards unlocking any Artifact look or tint.

In the newest PTR build, Flaskzertauren will be selling new chest and shoulder items that contain the newest Azerite traits for testing.

Flaskzertauren is located in The Great Seal of Dazar’alor for Horde, and the Harbormaster’s Office in Boralus for Alliance.

We're working on a more reliable way to earn Azerite Armor through Mythic+ with Tides of Vengeance.

Details: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769667833#1
10/23/2018 02:46 PMPosted by Ythisens

We're working on a more reliable way to earn Azerite Armor through Mythic+ with Tides of Vengeance.

Details: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769667833#1

We've shared a couple quick clarifications on this change, based on initial feedback: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769667833?page=7#post-136

With weekly maintenance in each region, we’ve increased the Conquest gained from 2v2 Arenas by 250%, and Rated Battlegrounds by 50%. See our thread here for the details:


PSA: We're currently working on a hotfix that will increase the gold and Azerite rewards from Emissary quests. We hope to have this change live within the next 24 hours, so if you have an active Emissary that rewards gold or Azerite, you may want to wait to complete it!

Moments ago, we made the following hotfix live in all regions--
Emissary rewards of gold now provide 2000 gold (was 700).
Emissary rewards of Azerite now provide 1400 total AP (was 1000).

Just did an emissary and only got 1400 AP (1000 from exclusive reward+400 standard emissary AP) Did you typo or is it broken?

This was a typo. The changed total is 1400 AP.

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