(H) TYRANTS: 3/8M LFM see posted list

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
H <TYRANTS> Barthilas

Group focused on endgame mythic progression and Cutting Edge. Seasoned players with a lot of endgame experience ready for BFA mythic progression. Looking for dedicated players to fill the roles listed and enjoy the raiding atmosphere with friendly internal banter while making some $$ on the sale nights.

Classes Required:
Tank: closed
Heals: closed
MDps: War, DK. Rogue.
RDps: Mage, Boom, Hunt, Lock,

Looking for consistent players wanted to prog mythic / M+ high keys. if interested hit up either names at bottom for a chat.

Raiding : Wed - Thurs - Mon 9 -12pm Svt.
During DST: (930-12pm Svt)

Guild Raiding History:

Progression finish:
T20-21 Break
T19 OCE 51 Realm 11
T18 OCE 37 Realm 09
T17 OCE 28 Realm 06

GM : Skel#11312
Heals : Bellski#11465
Classes Required:
Tank: Closed
Heals: Closed
MDps: War, DK. Rogue.
RDps: Mage, Boom, Hunt, Lock,
DK and Resto druid interested. Be cool if you could have a chat with me on discord maybe? My disc username is Gorskorr#5055. I have 9 max level legion characters on FM, raid mained Guardian Druid through T20/21 and will be server transferring my BFA DK main to Barthilas as soon as we find a suitable raiding environment. Even if we are placed in the heroic team until seen to be mythic worthy that is acceptable to us. Finding a good guild to take part in and get to have a guild raid experience long term is our goal.
WIll speak to you asap

my ID Skel#11312

Require Hunter, Boomy, Ele
Spots filling fast only room left Hunter mage boomy
Open spot for tank. Looking for Bear Dk or War. Some history of tanking at mythic level would be good.

Rdps mage lock boom

Tank bear or plate tank
I got a geared prot warrior with plenty of exp , still looking?
08/22/2018 12:39 AMPosted by Kholskegg
I got a geared prot warrior with plenty of exp , still looking?

Yes we are,

add Skel#11312 for a discord chat.
RDPS Spots only,
Updated. Classes
Spot open Mage Boom Hunt
Established back 2011, as a casual / bank holding guild, didn’t make a splash until 2013 when took up Hard core raiding at 4 nights.
Over previous raiding tiers we have provided confident and experience raiding progression team. This allowing us to hold some solid rankings within Barthilas and Oceanic raiding.
• Progression finish:
• T20 / 21 Took break for life and sleep.
• T19 M Xavius, Realm 14th
• T18 M Archimonde, Realm 9th
• T17 M Blackhand, Realm 6th

Guys this is a chance to get involved in a guild with a proven record of top finishes.

Still hunting mages hunters
Can you clear normal?
08/24/2018 02:13 AMPosted by Dragonboss
Can you clear normal?
when its out sure will

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