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Is this some kind of joke?

Why is there 2 shields that have the same stats?

Stormsteel Shield and Honorable Combatant's Shield have the same stats only different ingredient requirements and blacksmithing skill.

It's redundant and unnecessary. It would have been nice if one of them was at least a 315+ shield.
they figured it they're gonna bork professions they should bork it all the way to the bank
I personally think they intended in adding back some kind of resilience/PVP power to pvp gear, but it was scrapped and the profession was never changed. Like why are there copies of every Blacksmithing weapon too? It doesn't really make any sense.
I think you're right Stonebrae. If you look at the next rank requirement for the Honorable gear, it requires 2 Marks of Honor, currency for PvP, while for the Stormsteel gear, 60g and 120 BS Kul Tiran. They removed the resilience power and it costs less mats than the Stormsteel. I've crafted both of them, neither upgraded to 310, and they provided the same stats. Upgrade your BS as fast as you can before they fix this, lol.

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