Why play a Warlock?

I hate saying it as it's a buzz word but the "fantasy" of it.
The idea my character twists and curses the enemy into agony or sends my minions to do my bidding or is a chaotic lunatic burning everything in sight.
I love that my character gets to be evil but for good reasons
Unlike those prissy mages who read books all day
I really like what they did with demo. The spec may not be the best but man is it fun summoning demons with hog

I'm not switching to any fotm class I will stick with warlock through bfa
08/08/2018 08:04 AMPosted by Shayera
What are the best things about playing a Warlock?

being a masochist
08/09/2018 02:27 PMPosted by Deminath
Surprised nobody's talked about the tansmogs yet. Oh, and topping DPS charts is always nice. Unless you're a masochist and you're currently rolling Demo. In that case, bless ya.

Yeah, our past sets looked great.

Haven't seen one better than mediocre since BRF, though.

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