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On which side of the coin are you?
on for sure, since we'll be leveling on different continents, and will rarely encounter the opposing faction, there's really no reason not to have it on
What Now?

Edits oh! I See. Off. Im a pansy. And I don’t like people poking me when I don’t want to be poked.
I started on a pvp server when I had no clue what pvp stood for. I've just put up with it and sometimes enjoyed it for 10 years. I'm taking a break.
100% on 100% of the time. We’re at war, it just makes sense.
off...I agree with the different continents thing, but you know there are going to be those that race to 120 and then start roaming the other continent in order to find me and kill me over and over. Yes, I suck at PvP, but knowing it and avoiding it are the entire solution to the problem.
I choose C.
Team #NeverPvP

At least until Blizzard adds some bull!@#$ requirement for it in a holiday achievement. Probably not even then.
Perma on
I exclusively pvp. Warmode is required.
Depends on the situation. I generally don't PvP, and I'm not good at it when I do.

I only have it on as a means to sort of game the system... I may be wrong on this, but I suspect that most players play with WM Off. Therefore, if I turn it ON, I'll be put on to a shard/server that's less populated. So, farming old rares/world bosses/etc, in theory, should be easier...?

I noticed the last couple of weeks, I was able to hit up all of the MoP world bosses with no competition. Something, I had not experienced before.

When it comes to BfA, yeah, I'm going to cower away in my peaceful WM Off sanctuary.
Having war mode off while wearing my Theramore tabard is a severe disrespect tbh, I'll be keeping it on while war mode is on, avenge those who died to savages "trying to live peacefully but also dropping mana bombs on people."
You can turn Warmode off? Why would anyone want to do that.

Ironically, the most annoying thing about Warmode is not the PVP, but the nonwarmode folks intruding on our invasion point groups, even when we put "WARMODE REQUIRED" in all caps as the first thing in the group title. At least when we had autoaccept we could ignore them.
What mode?

Oh, right, the flag I never used has a button now instead of just being command line. Welcome to 1995 interface design!
On when solo, when I play with mah frens, I'll be doing whatever they want to do. Which hopefully, is on.

... Horde can't get to Kul Tiras for awhile and they'll be heavily outnumbered for awhile.

/Leave me alone, trying to read and look around and level and stuff here!

On, later.

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