[UPDATED 11pm PST 8/13] Trouble Logging In

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At this time, we are aware of and working to resolve an issue that is causing some players to be prevented from logging into certain high population realms. While it appears that not all high population realms are affected, the issue seems to be affecting realms such as US-Area 52, US-Illidan, US-Tichondrius, EU-Draenor, and EU-Hyjal.

This is an issue of highest priority for us, and we are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.
Thanks for the acknowledgement. Hope Illidan is up and running sooner than later.
One launch to rule them all!
I get disconnected everytime I try to hearth into Dalaran
Thanks for the update I logged out last night on Area 52 on my horde shaman and can't even attempt to change realms atm :(
Hopefully we can play the game tonight.
Yah I was already on, talked to Nathanos in Orgrimmar and got disconnected and can’t get online again. Good job at wanting to launch it world wide without testing the servers.
These issues, slow guild bank with no fix in sight.... How about some free character migrations from these troubled high pop realms?
Hope we get some bonus xp for this trash service not just some sorry we screwed you all over.
I knew it was bad before the launch, said something in chat and It posted out 1.5 minutes after i typed it
Thank you based Ythisens
I am just listening to my friends having fun while I battle the login screen. :(

They are on Khadgar
so no new info. :C
#1 on the queue now for stormrage for about 10 minutes (after having waited an hour), so you might have another server with issues.
And when they come up are we going to get an XP buff equivalent to the downtime to help us catch up?
Should we keep trying to log in or wait while the problem is looked at? I'm just sitting at "Logging in to game server".

Thanks Blizzard for the update.. just sitting here hating life right now tbh... but thanks for a spark of hope.
08/13/2018 04:42 PMPosted by Jasyn
Hope we get some bonus xp for this trash service not just some sorry we screwed you all over.
This. A few hours of bonus XP on these servers would be nice.
Thanks for the update... I know it's a large population server and it does come with the territory of being a large population, but it's extremely aggravating not to be able to log in and play while others are able to do so :(

It'd be nice to be able to switch servers from the login screen or something, so I could at least try to play an alt on a low-pop server or something in the meantime...

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