[UPDATED 11pm PST 8/13] Trouble Logging In

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guess i better go to bed i gotta work tomorrow....Saypleaselol thanks for the laughs
08/13/2018 04:37 PMPosted by Ythisens
At this time, we are aware of and working to resolve an issue that is causing some players to be prevented from logging into certain high population realms. While it appears that not all high population realms are affected, the issue seems to be affecting realms such as US-Area 52, US-Illidan, US-Tichondrius, EU-Draenor, and EU-Hyjal.

This is an issue of highest priority for us, and we are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Proudmoore is dead in the water as well
08/13/2018 08:03 PMPosted by Illiam
Well what the hell is the status of Area 52?

08/13/2018 07:57 PMPosted by Ythisens
Tichondrius has now been brought back online, and Proudmoore, Zul’jin, and Sargeras have been taken down as well temporarily while the fix continues to deploy.

Thanks for mentioning Proudmoore! Hope the fix can be rolled out soon.
Your fix for Tich didn't fix anything i still only get to 75% loaded before i get disconnected 5 min later.
Illidan has been having issues for over 5 hours as well, i'm sure it will be fixed last like every expansion.
08/13/2018 07:39 PMPosted by Ythisens
We are currently working on deploying a fix to correct the login issues on the following realms:
- Area 52
- Illidan
- Tichondrius
- Stormrage

While this fix is being deployed, we will need to take these realms offline temporarily. They will be back online as soon as possible.
Tich back down boys
still cant log on tich.
08/13/2018 08:04 PMPosted by Lykké
Tich is definitely not working lol

No, you don't understand, they said online, not "working".
WELL area 52 is still down.
Tich chekcing in, hanging on loading screen. Its stuck at about 70%, you know, the usual..
tich has been down for me all day
How is my whole guild online on Sargeras?
The people affected should truly get a 50% xp buff for the time spent locked out of their servers, it's absolutely unfair that some people are dinging 120, and some can't even start their first BFA zone..
Can't log onto US-Thrall
I'm stunned honestly. How can a company be this incompetent? How can you be this awful? This launch has less players than any previous one, and you somehow fail to make the game work anyway?

You didn't have any problems with Legion, but BFA is suddenly impossible again. How can you possibly excuse this? How can anyone defend this pathetic display?
Zuljin as well.
08/13/2018 08:04 PMPosted by Foúrlife
guess i better go to bed i gotta work tomorrow....Saypleaselol thanks for the laughs

likewise mate, see ya around
Alright boyz it's been 5 hours i need to see this hate train step up a notch. It's starting to become way to long

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