<Adversaries> LFM for multiple raid teams!

Good news, everyone!! [H] <Adversaries> on Zul'jin US is bolstering our ranks for Heroic/Mythic progression in Uldir. We are on the lookout for exceptional raiders to gain a strong foothold in BFA!

Originally formed in WotLK, Adversaries has been housing fun, entertaining and unique players from all walks of life for one purpose: To play WoW together as a family.

Recently revived with a ton of new, active, helpful and community focused individuals who all raid, pvp and simply help with/for each other.

We're not here to tell you that we're the only choice in terms of not only a raiding guild but also a home, We're here to tell you that you'll enjoy every minute of your time with us, and us with you.


"Dirt Nap" 2/8 M, 8/8 H

This team raids Friday/Saturday 9pm - 12am EST. All new recruits will be placed on a 2-4 weeks trial and yes, you can still receive loot as a trial!


Provide logs pertaining to the character and spec you wish to raid on.
Minimum: 355 ilvl / 21 HoA

Currently looking for:
Heals: Paladin, Resto Druid, other exceptional healer
RDPS: Warlock, Hunter, Boomkin, Priest

If you are interested please contact us at:
Battle Tag: Keljran#1466 ; Gämbit#1624 ; Swatz#1396
Discord: Keljran#5859 ; Beragal#1035 ; Swatz#2367


"Goat Rodeo" 8/8 H, 8/8 N

This team raids Wednesday/Thursday 8:30pm - 11pm EST. This team does not venture into Mythic progression and is solely a Heroic Team.


Provide logs pertaining to the character and spec you wish to raid on.
Minimum: 345 ilvl / 19 HoA

Currently looking for:
Heals: Druid, Shaman
MDPS: DK, Monk
RDPS: Warlock, Druid, Shaman

If you are interested please contact us at:
Battle Tag: Keljran#1466 ; ExE#11727
Discord: Keljran#5859 ; ExE#1172

If you aren't into raiding as much as some others we also do Mythic+ Dungeon runs on the daily with completion of 10+ keys and more! We are also a highly social guild and are looking into continuing to host non-raid events.

Looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful faces joining the family in the near future!
Need a tank and some heals for the weekday heroic team!

Also, yaaarg.
Updated. Now we need just heals for the heroic team, and we're looking for a warrior dps for the mythic team (but really we just want your buff). Of course, other exceptional players are welcome to still apply.
Both teams are in need of spicy healers!
Still looking for healers for both teams, and we may have a couple dps spots available on the heroic team!
I’m interested in the heroic team if you’re still looking for heals and need a priest. I added both of the contacts so I’ll shoot them a msg when I get on.
Recruitment for the mythic team is currently locked until further notice. I believe I added you, Ibuffdyurmom; hopefully myself or Xplicit can contact you when you are online, as we are still recruiting healers for the heroic team.
First week of raiding with a slew of boss kills! A healer spot is open on the mythic team, and we still need some heals for the heroic team as well.
Now we're looking for the ever-so-elusive dps shaman with a resto offspec for our heroic team. Still need a healer for the mythic team as well, offspecs are a plus!
Looks like we still need some healers for our weekday heroic team. The classes we're looking for is flexible, so contact us if you're interested in a more calm raiding environment that still does progression.
Looking for a warrior for the mythic team. We need that sweet sweet buff. Also could use some more heroic-minded raiders for our weekday team.
5/8H on the weekend team now and Zul's days are numbered. Looks like we could use a warrior still, plus an affliction warlock and a spicy hunter. The weekday team has more open recruitment for dps as well.
Mythic team just looking for an aff lock and another hunter! Would consider a boomkin. Weekday heroic team updated with their new heroic kills!
Mythic taloc is down. Still searching for a solid affliction warlock for the weekend.
A spot is open for an exceptional healer on the weekend team. (We are somewhat flexible on class.)
Could use a ww monk on our weekday team.
\o/ bump!
We have a priority opening for a core TANK on the Fri/Sat team. Would prefer a blood dk or prot paladin, but I'll consider all applicants!

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