<Adversaries> LFM for multiple raid teams!

Weekday team had some solid progression this week. They're still looking for more dps, especially a windwalker monk!
Tank spot has been filled, but we still need a holy paladin for the weekend team. As always, dps spots open for the weekday team.

Repulsor is my game name

I am a 364 Lock, but only 3/8 H currently. If you would like to talk to me, please let me know.

Boop for holy paladins.
Working on mythic Zek now!
Heroic team achieved AOTC!
Weekend team has some space for a qualified healer. Class requirement is flexible.
One tank spot is available on the weekend team!
Still looking for healers and some elusive RDPS for the weekend, plus some dps and maybe one healer for weekday!
Looks like tanks are back on the menu.
Mythic team is interested in acquiring a healer (prefer paladin, but will consider others). Heroic team now has 8/8 heroic thoroughly on farm, but has space for more bodies.

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