"Queue times are fine"

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Queue times are fine™

In their pompous opinion they are.
That is the reason I am leveling a tank! more responsibility but queue times will be lessened.
I'm curious, OP. Why are you not queing as healer?
No raindrop thinks it's responsible for the flood.
They are fine. Stop being trash DPS and toxic and maybe more healers and tanks will want to play.

All DPS does these days is mindlessly spam their rotation while staring at their DPS charts. That used to get you kicked from guilds. Pay attention to mechanics. Be respectful to the healer and tank who are carrying your !@# and shouldering ALL of the hard work between themselves.

Playing a tank/healer is a nightmare with the types of people you get from random groups, and so we all stick to private groups with friends and guildies :) That's where they all are! We're sick of y'all! BYE LOL
Yeah, I think that suggestions to change to tank and healer are kind of dumb too. Telling people to queue as something else isn't helpful.

There needs to be more game designs that support reducing queue times. This could be increased rewards for tanking/healing (more so than now), focusing on healing and tank playstyles to make them more enjoyable for a wider audience, or modifying group sizes (for example, instead of 3 DPS 1 Tank 1 Heal, it could be 4-5 DPS, 1 tank, 1 heal). These are just off the top of my head, but if Blizzard wanted to actually adrress the issue that's the direction I'd take.
Hey DPS. Queue with your healer friend. It'll pop so much quicker?

Wait, you don't have healer friends?

Maybe it's time to ask why that is.
More useless DPS in a dungeon would cause more tank/healers to not queue. Three of you is enough.
you misconstrued what they mean. you twist their words to fit your narrative. At this point with your attitude your just being a jerk.
While yes, Queue times are long for DPS there is nothing Blizzard can do to shorten that queue time. There is no "hotfix" or "magic system" that makes it so these timers go down short of more players picking to tank and heal. Its a fact of life that dungeons are 1 tank 1 healer and only 3 dps. The dungeons are tuned around this number. It's also a fact that DPS players at the start of an expansion vastly outnumber the tanks and healers who queue for dungeons. Considering you yourself are a priest. If you wish to skip the line to get in a dungeon you should consider swapping to Holy or Disc.

This is no different from every expansion. once everyone has leveled their mains expect queue times to drop as players begin to level tanks and healers to 120.
99% of it is becuase of trash dps.When i que as a tank,some knuckledragger dps,decides im not going fast enough decides to start pulling.Now why should i pug and get crap like that when i can run with guildies/friends.
I'm literally getting 4 min queues. WTF.
I found one your problems.


Might help if you make some friends™
08/16/2018 10:22 PMPosted by Mikaelle
I'm literally getting 4 min queues. WTF.

Probably on the quest. You get priority and it's usually faster.
Is this for normal? If so...DO NOT QUE FOR RANDOMS...I was in a random que for 1.5 hours....que'ed up for a specific dungeon....popped within 60 seconds. They made a change to how you get into dungeons with this expac to where randoms essentially get filled in last. Also this does no apply to Heroic dungeons.
At some point in my time playing WoW I have mained every tank except monks and death knights- or at least the last time I tanked as a DK, talent trees were a thing and frost was the tank spec- and I gotta say, I wont tank any difficulty higher than normal. Not for a PUG.

It's just not worth it. It's not worth the verbal abuse, it's not worth the people who feel entitled to my time and work without being willing to contribute anything on par- and I will tell you straight up I am not expecting that much and I am still disappointed. I can have DPS I explain a fight to five times still just not do anything. I can have trash mob fights that last eight minutes because I have to both tank the mobs and interrupt them, and since demon hunter tanks only functionally get twoish (Sigil of Silence is not reliable) interrupts that means I'm the one manning the cannon.

I tank for my friends. I tank for the guild I may or may not be in. I don't tank for pugs because DPS that can't find a community to be in are either incompetent or anti-social. And I say that as someone who isn't exactly Mr. Personality themselves.

You are not stuck in traffic, Mr. DPS. You are the traffic.
You know , if you queue as a healer you could have gotten in within a minute

But hey if you enjoy spending more time watching paint dry, go ahead :)
I can't judge you see .
08/16/2018 10:25 PMPosted by Espur
Probably on the quest. You get priority and it's usually faster.

Not even on quest.
Real reason no one qs up as tank is because its boring as all hell. Time to redesign tanking IMO.
08/16/2018 10:01 PMPosted by Midare
I'm curious, OP. Why are you not queing as healer?

Because that would solve the problem and won't have anything to cry about.

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