Bow Down

War Mode and World PvP
Bow down to your new world overlords, the Discipline Priest. They are invulnerable, overpowering, and all-knowing. Pray that you never cross a Discipline Priest, for they will strike you down as you shove your own fist up your sh!t-hole begging for mercy. Pray you can call upon the company of a Discipline Priest to protect your lowly, filthy, and unworthy a$$ throughout the new world view. Pray that the Blizzard gods that have empowered, elevated, and blessed the new overlords have in turn blessed you with the presence of one in your instanced PvP groups. So bow down, you disgusting peasants, to the Discipline Priest!!!
So instead of "getting your main" now, it's "getting your discipline priest"?
Me do good?
Warriors should never bow down to magic wielding scumbags like myself.

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