War mode: Worst pvp in the game atm

War Mode and World PvP
I need to admit, long time ago i have a lot of expectations and hype about the new war-mode system in bfa, but now im totally disagree.
At the moment, the pvp in war mode is this:
* Getting ganked by 5 or more (Sometimes, raids) and oneshoted.
* Being bodycamped at angel respawn point.
* 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 it's non-existent, so you win the battles if you are more than the others.
* Class balance is a joke. Healers can tank a lot (Discipline priest, druids) , tank spec are unkilliable dealing some damage, and the always broken classes (DK, paladins, Monks, warlocks).
* Bountys are protected by raids, and in the rare case of getting a bounty being alone, you must be killed fast.

Also, one of the main points of the warmode it's get gear/honor at the same time doing pvp; This is impossible, because you can't do WQ as a raid, and you can't do nothing vs a raid (Or 3-4 5 players group).
There is no funny or honor in this new system, it's pure cancer and bad experience. Receive the cancer, or you are the cancer, it's always the same history for any faction.

I think blizzard need to remake the system or put certain limitations (For a example, killing any player being 4 vs 1 not give any honor, and apply a ban rule for bodycampers).

Bored of getting bodycamped by a raid or full rogues group, im gonna turn off the war mode for the rest of the expansion.
Like it's always said, if you're a caster that isn't a frost mage, you might as well turn off warmode or grab a melee friend to do everything with you, especially you being an elemental shaman.
Well it is crap still 10 to 1 horde on Mannoroth. No reason for alliance to even try when so many horde is running around in groups.
Yeah I agree. Right now for me it's just whole raids of Horde waiting at flight points for people to land. It was honestly more fun when it was new but now it's just cancerous.

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