Please make Sabuul and Naroua tamable

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I was so excited when I got to 112 to try to tame these rares because they are the skin that matches the mount the best and come to find out they are not tamable. And there is not a single version of those colored Pantharas in the game that are. There are ones that have the skin in a stasis chamber but they are completely untamable, and there are ones with the skin temporarily with a buff but as soon as they are tamed they return to the color of the ones that are around it. So please either allow the one with the buff to keep the color or allow these to be tamable because there is no reason not to allow it when it respawns so quickly that there is nothing keeping others from getting what they want from it and hunters taming it. The argument can be made that it would be frustrating for hunters but at the same time anyone can kill anything a hunter tries to tame in this game.
I second this!
I third this!
I'll throw my support in for this as well.

I realize I'm resurrecting a post that was made months ago but I believe these beasts remain unavailable still. If not now, then perhaps Blizzard might consider making them tamable sometime in the near future? On behalf of my fellow hunters, here's hoping :0)

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