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This is by far gonns take the longest to grind out.
Only a couple weeks, no big deal really.
By time I'm exalted I'm not going to need a 355 helm. There will be benefit to revered though which is still 11k away...
No it's not tortollan is I seriously hate those damn turtles might switch my contract to them now that I'm revered with champs.
I just wish it was account wide, I really don’t want to grind it on alts. It makes it so the neckpiece drags down their ilvl.

I think they should make it so you can still get the ilvl upgrade on alts if you did it on your main, but keep the helm locked behind rep.
08/26/2018 06:45 AMPosted by Dahhaka
I just wish it was account wide, I really don’t want to grind it on alts. It makes it so the neckpiece drags down their ilvl.

Probably later down the line into the new patch we will be able to by pass it.

As of now just think of getting your profession recipes for your alts from factions which requires just revered .
they will probably do something with this when the expansion is mature enough to start thinking about catch up mechanics, but for now, the rep grind isnt that bad.

If you do all the world quests every day and use a CoA contract when you do other world quests, it goes faster than you think.

You can also do Island Expeditions, they sometimes drop items you can turn in to magni for rep
Only one of my reps is 99.4% revered I'm only doing them when needed/efficient most of the time.
i believe that the best way blizzard could solve this problem, is by making rep account wide, however if you did the same world quest on two different characters, you only get rewarded rep once. It would not allow for players with multiple characters to get ahead of those who do not, and allows for those who already have done the work to get the rep to reach max level on another character later and not suffer for "being behind".

i am fine with the length of time it will take to grind out reps, and i am glad that only the people who put in the effort will have the 355 champs rep helm in time for the raid, because for those who haven't been able to put in the time should either understand they will only be one overall item level behind, or wont be geared enough for the raid when its released anyway.

if you aren't pushing to be one of the best, there is no need to reward your lack of effort (for those who didn't have the time to push it, then that's just it, sorry)
Eh, I wouldn't worry about it.

Just make sure you buy that contract that makes it give you 10 rep for every single world quest you do.

You should be trying to get exalted on all of them anyways. I have a feeling that's what it's going to take (minus maybe the turtles) to unlock Kul Tirans/ Zandalar Trolls.

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